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Brianna Bailey engages during the Spring 2020 Debate. Photo by Shel Levy | The Signal

Brianna Bailey runs uncontested for SGA university-wide president

  • Atlanta speaker of the Senate Brianna Bailey is running unopposed for the title of Student Government Association university-wide president.
  • Bailey upholds her stance from her 2020 campaign that students have the power. She plans to to help build up communication throughout the university.
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    Medical cannabis is effective in treating mental health conditions, this medical cannabis can be  found in the form of THC Oil. Photo Submitted by Georgia Atlas | The Signal

    Georgia Atlas launching research study on low-THC oil

  • Medical cannabis is effective in treating mental health conditions from which veterans often suffer.
  • Current high costs of medical cannabis limit veterans from accessing the treatment.

    Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome impacts daily and weekly marijuana users

    Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome makes daily or weekly marijuana users experience adverse symptoms like nausea and vomiting.

    Students and staff oppose Sonny Perdue as potential USG Chancellor

    With tensions on the rise, students and staff at GSU express their opposition concerning Sonny Perdue’s consideration to be USG’s new Chancellor.

    President Biden expands Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

    With the signing of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, President Biden expanded eligibility for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

    Georgia Board of Regents freezes public college tuition and fees for second year in a row

    The Georgia Board of Regents is freezing tuition and fees at public universities for the second year in a row.

    2021 SGA candidates: Newton Speaker of the Senate

    Demari Freeman is a sophomore who’s working to bring more representation and higher-level STEM classes to the Newton campus.

    2021 SGA candidates: Atlanta Speaker of the Senate

    This is Queen Mufty-Raini’s first time pursuing a student government position at the collegiate level. She wants to increase student involvement.

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    Brian Kemp signs House Bill 617, allowing Georgia’s NCAA athletes to profit off Name, Image and Likeness

  • House Bill 617 will go into effect this summer, allow near-immediate access for players to begin receiving money.
  • Kemp signed the bill in hopes of Georgia winning another national championship.

    Hawks defeat NBA-best Phoenix Suns 135-103

    Behind exceptional ball movement, the Hawks rewrote the franchise’s history books with unselfish play.

    Breaking: Falcons select Florida’s Kyle Pitts with fourth overall pick

    Pitts is an uber-athletic piece who could thrive with a quarterback and receiving core like the Falcons’.

    Even with Acuña’s emergence, injuries costing Braves games early

    Ronald Acuña powers the Braves to their first series win of the season.

    Marijuana isn’t leaving sports anytime soon

    Athletes across generations understand the effects marijuana can have on their bodies, many of which are beneficial and could lead to longer careers.

    Previewing what the NFL Draft’s first three rounds could bring for the Falcons

    The Falcons have many options in the draft. They could go with a quarterback to replace Matt Ryan or add more weapons around Ryan.

    The lasting legacy of AAU basketball and the dynasty that Phil Knight and Sonny Vaccaro created

    AAU allows young athletes to compete against people from all over the country and show what they’re really made of.

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    April 13: Three Big Things

    April 6: Three Big Things

    Illustration by Olivia Madrzyk | The Signal

    In Opinions: Yes, the War on Drugs disproportionately targets minorities

  • The War on Drugs regularly targets minorities, especially Black people.
  • The focus on the war is allowing white addicts to die.

    Proceed with caution when using OTC drugs

    Forty thousand metric tons of Aspirin are produced worldwide each year, even though the drug has dangerous side effects

    Letter to the Editor: Georgia State, let trans/non-binary people guide your research

    Students and professors ask that Georgia State improves transgender/non-binary research to accurately reflect and include the LGBTQ community.

    GASB 202 is problematic, but not for the reasons many think

    Georgia’s new voting law overhauls the state’s election system, despite no need being apparent.

    Hardships of presentation anxiety

    Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking; it is one of the common reported social fears.

    ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’: a six-part redemption story

    Zack Snyder had to drop out of the 2017 “Justice League” project during post-production, leaving the mantle to Joss Whedon.

    In Opinions: Stop Asian Hate is a movement, not a moment

    More than 2,800 hate crimes or incidents happened in 2020, and many attribute it to the lack of compassion since COVID-19

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    The way the drug's active ingredient THC interacts with the brain and body may be the reason behind “the munchies.” Photo by Isa Cardona | The Signal

    Simply Signal Recipes: The science behind ‘munchies’

  • “The munchies” refer to the enhanced appetite that often comes as a side effect of marijuana use. This hunger often leads to intense cravings.
  • The way the drug's active ingredient THC interacts with the brain and body may be the reason behind “the munchies.”

    Simply Signal Recipes: The science behind ‘munchies’

    “The munchies” refer to the enhanced appetite that often comes as a side effect of marijuana use. This hunger often leads to intense cravings.

    CBD: All-natural pain relief for periods

    CBD works to reduce period pain by being a natural anti-inflammation drug.

    ‘Smoke Weed Everyday,’ or how hip-hop learned to stop worrying and love marijuana

    Hip-hop is not a genre that shies away from the topic of drug use, and its affinity best shows this for marijuana.

    ‘Joint’ household: can stoners and non-smokers successfully share a home?

    The views of marijuana, its legalization and acceptance create a divide in many. Even so, roommates with differing views learn to accept each other.

    Hemp: A plant with many uses and effects

    Hemp is a cannabis plant that’s benefits come from the fiber found in its stems.

    Delta-8-THC’s complicated legal status

    Delta-8 offers a clean and dubiously legal high, but the pot industry demands more regulation