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  • Orientation leader says they were told to ‘stay away’ from The Signal, magazine controversy

    Following Georgia State’s decision to bar the distribution of The Signal’s summer magazine, The Urbanite, through New Student Orientation bags, some students working as Orientation leaders have spoken up – both in favor of and against their supervisors’ decisions. Three students, who all work as Orientation leaders, shared their views from the inside of the situation. The first leader requested their name be withheld for fear of retribution by administrators. This student said they were [...]
  • A look at President Becker’s travels across the globe

    By Ada Wood, Kristen Rogers and Craig Schultz II,
    Georgia State University President Mark Becker has been traveling around the U.S. and the world on university business, with many students unaware of what he is doing and where he’s going. So, where has Becker been over the past two fiscal years and why? HONG KONG AND KOREA (Oct. 11-20, 2016) From Oct. 11-20, 2016, Becker and members of the Office of the Provost took a trip to Hong Kong, China and Korea. This trip’s purpose was to create international partners and attend research presentations in the region. On Oct. 16, Becker signed an agreement with the University of Seoul [...]




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    By Demetri Burke
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  • Shaky Beats 2019: The best photos from the EDM festival

    Shaky Beats 2019 entrance

    Shaky Beats 2019: The best photos from the EDM festival

    June 10, 2019 0
    Picture this: You’ve been granted media access to one of Atlanta’s largest two-day music festivals and have been accepted to review over two dozen EDM and indie music artists performing on those nights. A crowd of over 30,000 music-lovers are expected to attend the festival and, Georgia State’s student newspaper is relying on you to photograph and film it. Shaky Beats is one of the many music events Atlanta hosts that aspire to anyone interested [...]
    Shaky Beats 2019 entrance
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