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  • Goodbye STEM, hello MANGO

    By Brooklyn Valera,
    Gaurav Bhatia launched a project called the “MANGO model” this year as an update to the STEM model. With the rise of the STEM model, there has been a decline in support for the humanities. Between 2009 and 2016, the number of STEM majors has increased by 43% while humanities have decreased by -0.4%, according to Emsi, a data guide for education and employment. Bhatia has spoken with Atlanta Public Schools, Cobb County Schools, and the Doraville City Council. According to Bhatia, they’ve all shown interest in the MANGO model. “Right now I’ve been in the beginning phase where it’s [...]



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    By Demetri Burke
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  • The end of Georgia’s segregation in education

    The end of Georgia’s segregation in education

    February 25, 2020 0
    The culturally diverse campus of Georgia State that many students have come to know and love has not always been so accepting. Georgia State held its first-ever Groundbreaker Lecture Thursday to honor the achievements of Myra Payne Elliot, Barbara Pace Hunt and Iris Mae Welch, the lead plaintiffs who sued for the right of African American students to attend Georgia State. Elliot, her family and Hunt’s family attended the lecture. Hunt and Welch are now [...]
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