FLIP Burger Boutique on Howell Mill Rd.
  • Summerhill: Georgia State’s downtown expansion

    Three years since the Atlanta Braves moved from Turner Field to SunTrust Park in Cobb County, the area surrounding the team’s former ballpark has become bare. Apart from Saturday night football games at what is now Georgia State Stadium, foot traffic though the Summerhill area off the Downtown Connector is largely nonexistent. But what is now mostly large student parking lots may soon be one of the newest — and most expensive at over $800 [...]
  • The College of Law is raising the bar for its students

    By Brady Stoughton,
    It’s hard to argue the Georgia State College of Law isn’t giving students what they came for with the highest bar passage rate of all law schools in Georgia in February of this year and 91% of 2018 graduates finding employment within 10 months post-graduation.  Passing the bar exam and finding employment are two of the biggest hurdles law students face post-graduation. But, since its establishment in 1982, the College of Law has earned spots in rankings beyond those two key qualifiers. In the past few years, the law school has ranked among the top 100 best law schools in [...]



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    By Demetri Burke
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  • The shea butter babies take over Variety Playhouse

    The shea butter babies take over Variety Playhouse

    November 14, 2019 0
    Rising Dreamville artist Ari Lennox owned the Variety Playhouse stage on Monday night as a part of the Redbull Music Festival. The concert was a sold-out show, leaving the venue packed to capacity. Fans attended the concert rocking over-the-knee boots, faux fur vests, and natural hair pinappled into a puff- Ari Lennox’s signature look. Ari Lennox kicked off her set with an apology to fans for being late because she had to run to Target [...]
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