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  • You’ve said farewell to Kell ­— here’s what’s next

    The most updated completion dates for spring projects
    As the first semester wraps up, students and faculty alike can reminisce about the days of crowded corridors between classes and sounds of construction as one of the campus’s most iconic buildings ended its time at Georgia State. With blue curtains hiding what little remains of Kell Hall, students and those with their eyes on the project cannot help but wonder when the construction process will finally end. In May 2019, Vice President of the [...]
  • Ever wished you could change a grade? You can — students share their experiences with the grade appeal process

    By Daniella Johnson,
    The effort towards straight As and a 4.0 grade point average always diminishes as the semester continues. Grade appealing and repeat to replace are two ways students can “fix” academic troubles many they come across as their educational adrenaline declines. The repeat-to-replace policy helps those who have retaken a class and want to have the first grade average they earned excluded from their official grade point average — but it will not be excluded from their transcript. Instead, it will be replaced with the grade the student earned in the class the second time they take it. However, according to [...]



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    By Demetri Burke
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  • Georgia State students recall their worst roommate stories

    Georgia State students recall their worst roommate stories

    January 17, 2020 0
    The trials and tribulations of living with roommates are universal. For most, freshman year of college means getting immersed in a new environment while living in a tiny dorm with someone new. Whether the roommate is a complete stranger or a best friend, butting heads with them is inevitable. In the 2015-16 school year, a study by the research firm Skyfactor composed of 20,000 students showed that one in 10 students requested a roommate change that year. [...]
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