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  • The story of how three women started a massive discussion within the Georgia State community about sexual assault and its prevalence.
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    Georgia State erases accidental mass email from student accounts

  • On Wednesday, an email was sent in error from The Office of Financial Aid regarding the fall semester of 2019.
  • The Instructional, Innovation and Technology Department retracted the email soon after an apology email was sent to students.

    Georgia State sends an accidental mass email about fall 2019 semester

    The Office of Financial Aid accidentally sent a mass message to students regarding fall 2019 withdrawal and financial aid repayment.

    Upcoming school year plans for Study Abroad Programs

    Georgia State’s travel advisory has to be at a level 2 or lower in 2021 for students to be able to study abroad.

    GSUPD responds to Black Lives Matter Movement and security in the fall

    As the fall semester approaches, the Georgia State Police Department prepares to enforce stricter security.

    The University will continue to proceed into the 2020-21 football and fall sports season and operate under the guidelines of the Sun Belt Conference

    Changing Administration at Georgia State

    Since the beginning of the pandemic there have been many changes, including leadership at Georgia State.

    Georgia State Alumni Association Receives Backlash For ‘Supporting Heroes: Law Enforcement’ Billboard

    The association began a “Supporting Heroes Campaign” to thank frontline workers during COVID-19 which included a billboard thanking law enforcement.

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    Vince Carter

    Unique look at final shot of Vince Carter’s NBA career

  • A future NBA Hall of Famer, Carter made his final shot as a basketball player before the coronavirus ended his career.
  • What started out as a meaningless basketball game soon turned into an emotional evening for those attending the game at State Farm Arena.

    Unique look at final shot of Vince Carter’s NBA career

    A future NBA Hall of Famer, Carter made his final shot as a basketball player before the coronavirus ended his career.

    Month number four without college sports: How close is its return?

    For Georgia State and other schools, athletics brings in a tremendous amount of revenue. Any significant loss would have a large effect on budgets.

    How has the NFL reacted to the Black Lives Matter movement?

    The NFL is slowly waking up to the idea that they must do more for their Black athletes. Leading the pack is Matt Ryan.

    The University will continue to proceed into the 2020-21 football and fall sports season and operate under the guidelines of the Sun Belt Conference

    For Coach Lanier, this summer marks the last with a full family in the house

    Men’s basketball head coach Rob Lanier will have a little more quiet in his home in the Fall when his eldest child, Emory, attends Davidson College.

    Inside the successful Fall semester of the Panthers’ women’s soccer team

    Maria Howell, midfielder and forward, understands how important it is to perform well in the classroom. But nothing compares to a game of soccer.

    Three Big Things



    Illustration by Monique | The Signal

    University system rushing to open doors without considering students’ safety

  • The USG has encouraged all of its universities to remain open for the fall semester despite the growing number of COVID-19 cases in the state.
  • Georgia State announced its plans to reopen in the fall. But, neglects to recognize students who may feel uncomfortable in a classroom setting.

    Misplacing confidence over compassion — Georgia State students deserve pass/fail

    Georgia State students and other college students in Georgia deserve the right to opt for pass/fail in their courses.

    Letter to the Editor: How it feels to be an international student told to leave

    Trang Pham, an international student at Georgia State, writes about the effects of ICE's now reversed decision.

    Black women are being excluded from the community they created

    As the Black Lives Matter movement gains momentum, Black women slain by police brutality, sexual violence, transphobia and misogynoir are forgotten.

    Defunding the police: What it means, how it works and why we need it

    Defunding is vital. While some fear a world without police, others acknowledge the simple truth: the police were never equipped to deal with so much.

    Letter to the Editor: Your new e-bill is now available

    A letter to the editor from student Trang Pham about returning to campus under COVID-19.

    Use your patriotism to protest oppression, not health precautions

    As protesting continues, many Americans relate their loss of freedom concerning being asked to wear a mask to the BLM movement and Black suffering.

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    Photo courtesy of Panther Entertainment Group

    Panther Entertainment Group musicians perform for ‘Journey of a Black Girl’

  • An art installation to highlight the progression from Black adolescence to Black womanhood from the perspective of a creative.
  • Panther musicians Gabby Case, Mo’Lai, Maya The Writer and Jazzy Tha Rapper shared their experiences through their Beltline performances.

    Students advocate for statue removal, others want preservation

    Last month, two Confederate monuments were taken down in downtown Decatur.

    One Georgia State student’s quest to end racial injustice

    How one student is using his First Amendment right to fight for the Black Lives Matter movement.

    Drag performances from the comfort of your home

    Drag performances rely on audience interaction and, as a result, have had to face setbacks and create creative solutions to keep audiences engaged.

    These Panthers managed to escape boredom with their new quarantine hobbies

    Most Atlantans have been self-quarantined or social distancing since March, leading some to find creative ways to tackle their boredom.

    City restaurants fight to stay alive after COVID-19, campus closure and protests

    Downtown restaurants have faced a dramatic decline in clientele since COVID-19 began and changed their plans to reopen because of recent protests.

    Student and friends create GoFundMe for Atlanta Black-owned businesses

    A Georgia State student and two Mercer graduates aim to raise $10,000 for Black-owned businesses in Atlanta.




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