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Sex and Platonicism
The importance of aftercare after sex
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Alleged Georgia cult leader arrested

  • The leader of the alleged polygamist cult faces five charges

    Student government elections are finalized

    Anthonio Prince wins presidential election

    SGA election results are in, a runoff could ensue

    Presidential and Speaker races could be re-contested

    Puff, puff, pass

    New data reveals how young people consume drugs

    Medical marijuana bill falls short in state senate

    Certain companies given special exemption, no reason given.

    Blue lights come to the panther blue campus

    A new initiative seeks to increase campus safety

    Worker solidarity comes to Amazon

    Historic moment for modern labor movement.

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    PFL 5 Ceremonial Weigh In at the Overtime Elite  in Atlanta, Georgia, Thursday, June 23, 2022. (Cooper Neill / PFL)

    PFL 5: Night of the underdog

  • Stevie Ray defeated Anthony Pettis to secure a spot in the lightweight playoffs.
  • Ryoji Kudo knocks out Alejandro Flores to steal a spot in the featherweight playoffs.

    2022 PFL 4 results: Alexander Martinez wins split decision against Clay Collard

    Alexander Martinez wins split decision over Clay Collard

    Women’s Soccer Spring Review

    Six game exhibition schedule against a variety of opponents.

    Who is Head Coach Jonas Hayes

    Yes coach, it’s really happening and Georgia State Athletics couldn't be happier to have you as the new head coach of GSU Basketball.

    Ryerson and Cheney have put GSU baseball on the map

    Ryerson and Cheney are close to breaking the GSU single season homerun record.

    From crushing backboards to crushing kush

    He played 16 years in the NBA and two for the Hawks.

    Where does Trae Young stack on the All-NBA list?

    He finished the regular season in a way no player has done since Tiny Archibald in 1971-1972.

    Three Big Things

    April 20: Three Big Things

    April 13: Three Big Things

    April 6: Three Big Things

    Media influences others into thinking sex is a casual thing instead of something intimate. Photo by Brian Ach/WireImage (Sex and the City)

    Sex in Today’s Society

  • These unrealistic expectations could leave people feeling inadequate based on what they see on the big screen or what they read.
  • A lot of the time, people use media as a type of sex education.

    Ladies First

    95% of heterosexual men always orgasm during sex, while only 65% of women of heterosexual women usually do.

    The Five Love Languages

    Words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, gifts, and physical touch.

    Delta-8: The New Nicotine

    While Delta-9 binds to our brain receptors, Delta-8 binds more closely to the receptors in our immune system.

    THC v. CBD

    The two are different based on whether one can get you high or not. THC can get you to go high while CBD does not get you high.

    Cannabis has a long history

    Studies suggest that the plant had been casually grown, traded, sold and used even earlier than 3000 B.C.

    Poor costuming

    Plain clothing styles have more or less constantly been a part of the “old money” idea.

    Ask Our Columnist

    Advice Tips

    Artists like Georgia Okeefe have popularized imagry of nature, mainly flowers, that resemble female anatomy. Photo by Lloyd D'Souza on

    The fear of female sexual liberation

  • There are so many stereotypes circulating around what a woman should and shouldn’t do with her body, especially when it comes to sex.
  • espite several efforts to liberate sexuality for females, it is hard to break a lot of sexual tropes regarding the female body.

    Finding Intimacy Post-Pandemic

    Who emerges the pandemic more attached to their phone than ever, and who emerges sick of screen-time?

    Video games are not always stimulating

    Video games have always struggled with how to effectively use sex scenes due to the limitations of the medium.

    “Dandelion” Is a Wonderfully Sad Album

    The subtle expression of themes of “Dandelion” is a pleasure to experience on The Greeting Committee well-crafted sophomore effort.

    The blunt truth about marijuana in music

    Although weed is not legal in all 50 states in America, weed still plays a large role in music and pop culture.

    Delta 8 – The Legal High

    Here lies the appeal of a different (yet incredibly similar) drug than weed: Delta-8.

    THC vs CBD: What is the difference?

    This story is about the differences and similarities between THC and CBD