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What it’s like being Afro-Latinx on campus

February 23, 2021 Isa Cardona 0

The Latinx identity is exceptionally diverse, and the lines between race and ethnicity often blur. Often marginalized within the Latinx community, many Afro-Latinx people around the world embrace their heritage and resist cultural erasure.  According […]

Arts & Living

Demystifying Depop: Handmade treasures

February 16, 2021 Cole Podany 0

Depop, a platform where people can buy and sell secondhand items, is remarkably similar to Instagram. Depop’s modern interface is a never-ending flood of edited photos that include colorful backgrounds, filters or bright stickers. Users […]

Arts & Living

Online persona vs. real-life presence

February 16, 2021 Isa Cardona 0

In the age of technology, social media has transitioned into a tool for promoting someone or their work. Still, it’s difficult to understand whether someone’s profile represents them accurately in their real life.  Sophomore Bailey […]

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