• Female entertainment isn’t a place for misogyny

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    Female entertainment isn’t a place for misogyny

    May 26, 2020 Janneyn Simmons 0
    In 2019, rapper Meagan Thee Stallion coined the phrase “hot girl summer,” an extension of her “hottie” fan base. Hot girl summer originally was a playful representation of her platform and soon spiraled into confusion and controversy.  Around the country, many celebrities and consumers attempted to figure out the meaning of the phrase. Many people assumed it was just a catchy phrase, but as the term became associated with another trend, “city girl summer,” it [...]
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  • COVID-19 was a test the U.S. failed

    It goes without saying that the U.S. stands as a prime example of how not to handle a nationwide pandemic. Only months ago, we were unconcerned about the effects of the novel coronavirus, proclaiming control [...]
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    Letter to the Editor: Terry Fye responds to concerns during the SGA election

    The following letter is to concerned students about the SGA elections and to clarify some of the issues brought up in the last few articles by The Signal. For full context please read previous articles [...]
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    Your spring break wasn’t worth it

    On Friday, March 13, I was in Miami hours away from boarding a seven-night cruise. I was beyond ecstatic that it wasn’t canceled and considered myself lucky. If you recall, Georgia State issued a statement [...]
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    If you can’t go outside, go inside

    You know what the world is facing right now, you’ve heard it from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, CNN, The New York Times and maybe even your own student media organizations, like The Signal and Panther Report [...]
  • Students with disabilities on depression: How the IDEAL program helps its students with disabilities

    The Inclusive Digital Expression and Literacy, or IDEAL, Program is a program at Georgia State for people with disabilities, such as autism, cerebral palsy and intellectual disabilities. Just like any other students on campus, we [...]
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    You’re not alone

    When we decided as an editorial board to do a mental health issue, several of us wanted to share our experiences. Yes, we are burying the lede (for our non-journalists, this is the main purpose [...]
  • Embrace the “get through school” mindset

    Before he succumbed to kidney cancer, my grandfather gave me some excellent advice on the purpose of college. Growing up during the Great Depression, he was the first generation in his family to achieve secondary [...]
  • Zillow dreams

    I’ve always been a “real estate kid” of sorts. My parents have been in the industry for longer than I can remember, and some of the first lessons I learned were in land and property. [...]
  • The downside to meta major and FLCs

    When students fill out an application to Georgia State, they are prompted to select a major. The selection of this major places the student in a Freshman Learning Community, or FLC, which aligns students with [...]
  • How did we forget about Julio Jones?

    If someone asked you, “Who is an influential black athlete in Atlanta?” you’d often hear Julio Jones. Recently, The Signal writer Julian Harden ranked the most impactful African American athletes in Atlanta sports history. While [...]
  • Advocacy isn’t an accessory

    According to Merriam-Webster, an advocate is “one who supports or promotes the interests of a cause or group.” In the current sociopolitical climate, however, we know to be an advocate means more than simply agreeing [...]
  • Jobs outside of my career interests and few scholarships

    In recent years, Georgia State has made efforts to ensure the post-graduation success of its students. The university emphasizes internships, cohorts and required research for many of its majors. The university even goes out of [...]
  • Lifelong consequences for minor offenses

    A moment shouldn’t define a person, but someone can be stripped of all rights and opportunities because of one mistake. While some are forgiven, others see their hopes and dreams shattered in an instant. Misdemeanors [...]
  • Black parents’ war on racial identity.

    Children of African American descent are all familiar with their parents’ suggestions on how to make it in the white man’s world: “Don’t use slang — that’s ghetto.” “Press your hair for interviews.” “Stay quiet [...]
  • Don’t let your first date be in commons

    Coming into college, I knew dating would be different than it was in high school. I was under the impression that it would be taken more seriously, going out on dinner dates and whatnot. But [...]