• Purity culture is inherently sexist and problematic

    Purity culture is inherently sexist and problematic

    January 19, 2021 Callie McNorton 0
    In the heart of any place rooted in religion and home to conservatives, many young people find themselves facing “purity culture”. It’s described by Linda Kay Klein, author of Pure, as  “the foundation of gender- and sexual-control upon which purity culture stands,” which is “global, cross-religious, and cross-cultural.”  Women live within a society that does not provide enough conversation or acceptance, forcing the idea that they should stay pure.  From Muslims using “honor-culture” or Mormons [...]

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion are essential at Georgia State

    Georgia State is known as a university for everyone. Georgia State supports social change and supports various programs for those who are part of a specific gender, a different race or even your sexuality. For [...]
  • Georgia’s racist runoff system and the Capital Attack

    It seems Georgia can’t let go of its racist past. Whether it’s large monuments and statues dedicated to racist historical figures or the state flag bearing a strong resemblance to the first Confederate flag, Georgia [...]
  • Put your arm around your seasonal depression

    Have you ever gotten extremely upset around the same time every year?  Students with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) have faced many challenges, not just in 2020. Along with sleep deprivation and social withdrawal, most individuals [...]
  • Reviewing 2020 without COVID

    This year we experienced some history-defining moments, some of which I prefer not to have experienced, and some of those are the silver linings to our rather grim year. So join us in walking down [...]
  • Employers should give notice of termination

    Anybody who has been fired can tell you how stressful it is. From having to find a new job to finding a way to get by until you get a new job, being terminated is [...]
  • Professors are overwhelmed with online courses

    Imagine this: you’re entering the twelfth week of a pandemic-stricken, 2020 fall semester at Georgia State, waiting urgently — for weeks — on email responses from three out of four of your professors. Almost everything [...]
  • Arts and humanities majors need to be respected

    Considering I’m paying for my education, I should get a say in what classes I take. There is no reason students within specific majors should be required to declare a minor. In a survey I [...]
  • Put on a mask and support small businesses

    The hustle and bustle of the holiday season will look a little different this year. However, this season will still bring light to a tumultuous year with more online shopping than ever before and Zoom [...]
  • Georgia State needs sensory rooms on campus

    In 2018, Adelphi University opened a new sensory room for students with autism spectrum disorder. Sensory rooms are spaces designed to help individuals with sensory issues learn to regulate their brain’s adverse reactions to external [...]
  • Online courses demand more of our students

    The fall semester at Georgia State is almost over, since campuses reopened, students have had to choose how they would prefer their classes administered. Due to the recent pandemic and a push towards social distancing, [...]
  • Students worry about coming back after break

    The 2020 holiday season came quickly but not fast enough. COVID-19 has left many awaiting the holidays even more than usual during these recent months of tribulations. As students everywhere prepare for finals in these [...]
  • University Webex meetings for healing and therapy

    Student stress, anxiety and depression have increased since the pandemic began. Universities must give students time to breathe and provide resources for good self-care and opportunities for talk therapy.  Despite the significant drop in on-campus [...]
  • Is a third party vote REALLY a vote for Trump?

    As a Democratic or Republican nominee will seal our fate, many voters cannot seem to decide between the two. There is much debate on a third party vote, and some claim it is a vote [...]
  • Should Atlanta be prepared for protests during election week?

    It’s Election Day in the U.S., which always brings a lot of discussion to the tables about where we are and where we are going as a nation. But this year, the conversation is different [...]
  • Don’t be afraid to vote by mail this upcoming election

    President Trump continues to undermine the validity and security of mail-in ballots on television and social media. This week, Twitter labeled his tweet about mail-in ballots as possibly “misleading.” Many states have pushed voting by [...]