• Lights, Camera, Conspiracy: The “Sound of Freedom” and Its Controversies

    This past summer was certainly a memorable time for films. As we finally become free from all of the “Barbenheimer ” memes that riddled our social media for months, one summer film remains to circle [...]
  • Are College Career Fairs Outdated?

    College career fairs, you have probably found yourself stuck in one before. If not, let me tell you how it typically unfolds. Hundreds of students gather in a large university hall with their resumes in [...]
  • We Are Approaching Fahrenheit 451: Book Banning

    The practice of book banning in school libraries and community libraries has been around for centuries but it hasn’t been as relevant as it has within the last few years. Every time I hear about [...]
  • In Pursuit of Perfect: The Dark Side of Plastic Surgery

    In a society that is well-known for its deeply-set patriarchal undertones and norms, it is a pervasive and nearly inescapable experience for young girls to grow up with a desire to change some aspects of [...]
  • Hostile Architecture: The Design of a Heartless Society

    Hostile architecture has become the face of 21st century city designs because it serves heartless city counsels well and puts a bandage on a problem that they aren’t willing to solve. Every person living in [...]
  • Walking the Talk: How Walkable Cities & Public Transport Trump EVs for Sustainability

    As more and more Americans become increasingly aware of the effects of climate change, there is a rising urgency to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. This is especially true in the area of transportation, given [...]
  • Did corporate America Kill Parenthood?

      Corporate America has destroyed parenthood. Decades ago, it was common for children to grow up in a stable, nurturing environment where they had the undivided attention of at least one parental figure. Kids were [...]
  • K-town horror Story, What’s Happening in the Korean Community?

    On Sept. 12 Tuesday evening, police officials discovered the body remains of a Korean woman in her 20s to 30s in Duluth, otherwise known as Koreatown or K-Town.    The remains were found inside the trunk [...]
  • From advocates to apologists: Kunis & Kutcher downfall

    In May of this year, famous actor and former Scientology member Danny Masterson was convicted of two counts of rape. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Charlaine Olmedo sentenced Masterson to serve two consecutive counts [...]
  • Life in Plastic…Not So Fantastic

    We’ve all seen it: whether you were scrolling on Social Media or taking a walk down a busy street, the Barbie marketing team has done a remarkable job at assuring that everyone knows there was [...]
  • Leave Hawaii Alone

    On August 8th, the town of Lahaina in Maui, Hawai’i, suffered its deadliest wildfire in over a century. The grievous effects of this natural disaster took miles of lush land and the lives of an [...]
  • Does Gen-Z have a chance at the American Dream?

    Over the past centuries, numerous generations in the United States have come and gone. For the most part, the majority of them had similar norms that they were able to follow such as moving out [...]
  • Why You Should Delete Your Dating Apps

    During the quarantine era of the pandemic, the use of online dating apps skyrocketed. Desperate for a way to connect with one another in such a lonely time, many people turned to their phones to [...]
  • Stop Ending Friendships Based on Politics!

    Here we are yet again in election season. Some of you may be doing some research on who it is you want to vote for. Many of you are probably rewatching the commercials that have [...]
  • When Will Enough Be Enough?

    When will enough be enough? I’m sick and tired of seeing so many people die because of gun violence. How many more people will have to die at the hands of a bullet before our [...]