• If you can’t go outside, go inside

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    If you can’t go outside, go inside

    March 31, 2020 Ada Wood 0
    You know what the world is facing right now, you’ve heard it from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, CNN, The New York Times and maybe even your own student media organizations, like The Signal and Panther Report News.  With the number of confirmed cases worldwide approaching 500,000 and global deaths surpassing 20,000, the spread of COVID-19, or coronavirus, is something everyone is aware of at this point. In our own state of Georgia, we’ve seen 1,387 confirmed [...]
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  • The downside to meta major and FLCs

    When students fill out an application to Georgia State, they are prompted to select a major. The selection of this major places the student in a Freshman Learning Community, or FLC, which aligns students with [...]
  • How did we forget about Julio Jones?

    If someone asked you, “Who is an influential black athlete in Atlanta?” you’d often hear Julio Jones. Recently, The Signal writer Julian Harden ranked the most impactful African American athletes in Atlanta sports history. While [...]
  • Advocacy isn’t an accessory

    According to Merriam-Webster, an advocate is “one who supports or promotes the interests of a cause or group.” In the current sociopolitical climate, however, we know to be an advocate means more than simply agreeing [...]
  • Jobs outside of my career interests and few scholarships

    In recent years, Georgia State has made efforts to ensure the post-graduation success of its students. The university emphasizes internships, cohorts and required research for many of its majors. The university even goes out of [...]
  • Lifelong consequences for minor offenses

    A moment shouldn’t define a person, but someone can be stripped of all rights and opportunities because of one mistake. While some are forgiven, others see their hopes and dreams shattered in an instant. Misdemeanors [...]
  • Black parents’ war on racial identity.

    Children of African American descent are all familiar with their parents’ suggestions on how to make it in the white man’s world: “Don’t use slang — that’s ghetto.” “Press your hair for interviews.” “Stay quiet [...]
  • Don’t let your first date be in commons

    Coming into college, I knew dating would be different than it was in high school. I was under the impression that it would be taken more seriously, going out on dinner dates and whatnot. But [...]
  • We don’t care what politicians say

    Many thought that when we were able to vote, it’d be more exciting than this. I was too young to vote for Barack Obama, but I had this dream of studying politics and campaigning for [...]
  • Analysis: Student Government Presidential Candidates policies

    It’s Student Government Association election season, and that means a new wave of policies. There are some good policies and some bad policies. There are policies that could work and policies that are fever dreams. [...]
  • What the 91st Administration needs to do to be successful

    As the spring semester hits its midpoint, the Student Government Association begins its election season. Election time is all fun and games, but once they are elected by the students, they have to hit the [...]
  • I’m Not You’re Mother – Common sense is key

    Each day, we encounter petty inconvieniences. People make it their mission to get in front of you, only to walk or drive slow, and blare their playlists before dawn, while we are trying to get [...]
  • A different kind of homesick

    The Chicago Botanical Gardens smelled horrifically bad one September morning in 2015, which is not the kind thing you’d expect from a place normally associated with the pleasant aroma of delicate flora. The putrid fragrance [...]
  • Why were we made to say the Pledge of Allegiance?

    I want you to try and think back to when you were in elementary school. You’re sitting at your desk with your pencil and paper ready to learn the lesson of the day when suddenly [...]
  • The issues with Georgia State’s concerts

    Homecoming in college is a whole affair. Here at Georgia State, we have a whole week full of school-sponsored events, free food, giveaways and even a ball. But each year when Homecoming comes around, new [...]
  • Your outward appearance defines you whether or not you dress for yourself

    It’s no secret that people love to flex on Instagram; your social media are really just a collection of your highlights, your “best self” that you wish to present to the world. This “best self” [...]