• Sex in Today’s Society

    Sex in Today’s Society

    April 26, 2022 Gabby Miller 0
    In today’s society, it is common to read about sex.  So it is in movies, TV shows, books, and magazines. It is hard to go anywhere without looking at different exposés of a celebrities sex life.  It is no secret that the media thrives on this kind of talk. Sex is something people feel a need to brag about even though it is  supposed to be intimate.  The media puts unrealistic expectations regarding sex, especially [...]

  • THC v. CBD

    Whenever someone thinks about the plant Marijuana, they think about the process of getting high.  But what if I can tell you this plant has two different compounds that have different effects from each other.  [...]
  • Cannabis has a long history

    With millions of cannabis users across the U.S., that there still exists a negative stigma about the use of the plant is disheartening.  Many view users as “drug addicts” or “lazy” and unproductive. Where did [...]
  • Poor costuming

    Cultural appropriation is, at this point, a commonly understood practice in which members of a dominant culture adopt the images, motifs, and styles of another culture, typically with no, or very little acknowledgment of the [...]
  • Mr. Michael Shapiro removed as CASA’s Pre-law coordinator

    When an organization chastises honest people for performing their duty in good faith, there is a problem.  The Georgia State University office of provost recently removed long time-distinguished clinical professor in the Department of Criminal [...]
  • Remember the Women Who Came Before Us

    Women like Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou and Harriet Tubman are familiar to us. We know these women’s names and stories, but what about all the other women left out of the narrative?  Powerful women of [...]
  • The issues with finding justice

    Some of us might think about the police whenever someone thinks about our justice system. Police have a significant role in this system because they are the ones that have the authority to make an [...]
  • The Reality of Dating in College

    After 19 years of living a single life, I spent every waking moment of May through July of 2021 with my first boyfriend.  We were good friends for years and finally decided that we wanted [...]
  • Georgia State Head Coach “can’t stress the importance of mental health enough”

    People no longer see athletes as human after a certain point in their careers. They can no longer make sacrifices for their mental and physical health without penalty or judgment from the public, coaches or [...]
  • The importance of Women’s History Month

    When someone talks about women’s suffrage, we only talk about what it looked like in the early 1900s. No one talks about modern women’s suffrage.  It feels like we are constantly talking about the past, [...]
  • Hands Off Cuba

    The United States has some involvement in almost every part of the globe. The far-reaching consequences of our empire have proven to have significant detrimental effects on countless countries.  Today, the regime changes of around [...]
  • Stop Bothering Students in the Green

    The green space on the Georgia State campus is a beautiful spot. When the weather is good, you’ll see tons of students sitting and enjoying each other’s company out in the open.  You can hear [...]
  • Your relationship is missing dialogue and facetime

    If you desire lasting and fulfilling relationships, consider the following. You are a young student on a vibrant college campus with tens of thousands of potential love interests.  Each day, as you walk the campus, [...]
  • Minimum Wage Hurts the Poor

    Minimum wage jobs are the pinnacle of the United State’s economy today. These jobs are what teachers in our past years of middle to high school would threaten us to go to one of these [...]
  • White Supremacy in Ukraine

    On Feb. 24, Russia invaded the sovereign nation of Ukraine. Within hours, thousands of Ukrainian women and children became refugees and fled into neighboring Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova and Poland.  Ukraine is not only home [...]
  • Shopping on Amazon is Fun but Unethical

    Imagine a world where you could shop online for something you need and have it delivered to you just a few hours after clicking the purchase button.  You select from thousands of different products to [...]