• Employers should give notice of termination

    Employers should give notice of termination

    November 17, 2020 Kenneth Lockett III 0
    Anybody who has been fired can tell you how stressful it is. From having to find a new job to finding a way to get by until you get a new job, being terminated is one of the most stressful adult experiences people have. Companies often have the same experience, especially local businesses. Having to fill a position, usually in a job nobody actually wants, is just as stressful. Employers struggle to fill up the [...]

  • Online courses demand more of our students

    The fall semester at Georgia State is almost over, since campuses reopened, students have had to choose how they would prefer their classes administered. Due to the recent pandemic and a push towards social distancing, [...]
  • Students worry about coming back after break

    The 2020 holiday season came quickly but not fast enough. COVID-19 has left many awaiting the holidays even more than usual during these recent months of tribulations. As students everywhere prepare for finals in these [...]
  • University Webex meetings for healing and therapy

    Student stress, anxiety and depression have increased since the pandemic began. Universities must give students time to breathe and provide resources for good self-care and opportunities for talk therapy.  Despite the significant drop in on-campus [...]
  • Is a third party vote REALLY a vote for Trump?

    As a Democratic or Republican nominee will seal our fate, many voters cannot seem to decide between the two. There is much debate on a third party vote, and some claim it is a vote [...]
  • Should Atlanta be prepared for protests during election week?

    It’s Election Day in the U.S., which always brings a lot of discussion to the tables about where we are and where we are going as a nation. But this year, the conversation is different [...]
  • Don’t be afraid to vote by mail this upcoming election

    President Trump continues to undermine the validity and security of mail-in ballots on television and social media. This week, Twitter labeled his tweet about mail-in ballots as possibly “misleading.” Many states have pushed voting by [...]
  • Students: we need to appreciate the Rialto

    Georgia State sits near many historic music and art venues, such as The Tabernacle and 787 Windsor. But we often overlook the one sitting right there on campus. Georgia State renovated The Rialto in the [...]
  • LockDown Browser is an invading privacy

    Midterms are behind us, and finals are almost around the corner. It has taken hours at coffee shops, Zoom meetings and GroupMe to make it this far. However, Georgia State students have not acclimated the [...]
  • Stop alienating Black artists who don’t make hip-hop music

    Hip-hop has been the most popular music genre for at least three years now. It’s safe to say that Black creatives’ impact will be a mainstay for the foreseeable future.  Everyone should recognize that Black [...]
  • Stop forcing women into motherhood

    Gender stereotypes have always had a strong and influential presence in the lives of young women. From a young age, parents condition girls to accept motherhood as an inevitable part of their lives. Later in [...]
  • Horror movies’ obsession with torturing women

    Horror movies are a staple in any movie lover’s diet. With a pandemic raging across the world, movies are one of the few safe ways that lovers of the spooky and mysterious can stay connected [...]
  • Parents have no clue how difficult online school really is

    Before COVID-19, the average student’s life consisted of school, work, extracurricular activities and social media. Growing up isn’t just hard; it’s stressful. Our parents have a hard time understanding that. They expected us to be [...]
  • Free speech is not an excuse for malice

    Charlie Hebdo is a satirical magazine that features cartoons and polemics. It is known for its diverse critical content and its reputation for leaving no topic or group uncriticized. They believe that free speech is [...]
  • They made birth control for the wrong gender.

    Men don’t like being told what to do with their bodies but are the first to dictate how a woman should look or dress. They are the first to have an opinion on what a [...]
  • So what is the real social dilemma?

    Facebook’s launch in 2004 has been the catalyst for how we consume information. While our generation has strayed away from the site, many still use Facebook as their primary news source. According to the Pew [...]