• Is fast fashion worth the price?

    We have all shamefully ignored the devastating effects the fast fashion industry has had on the entire world. It has done irreversible damage to the environment and taken advantage of cheap labor worldwide. The industry [...]
  • Spare your life: please, don’t enlist in the military

    Please do not join the military. Don’t risk losing your life at the hands of your comrades. There are absurdly high levels of sexual assault and retaliation in the military. Who is not only allowing [...]
  • Cheating in our careers means accuracy

    Let me be clear: I am not advocating for us to start cheating in class. However, does it not seem ridiculous that the use of Google is so frowned upon in the classroom?It looks like, [...]
  • Online learning threatens student-teacher interactions and performance

    Every student, at some point in their college career, has been advised to get to know their professor, sit in the front row and laugh at their jokes. By doing this, you can improve grades, [...]
  • Let’s Toast to Some of Life’s Firsts

    Hi readers, My name is Brooklyn Valera. Brooklyn, like the city. I’ve said this phrase my entire life, so people are aware of how to spell and say my name. I won’t bore you with [...]
  • Stanning politicians is irresponsible and dangerous

    You should not glorify favorite politicians like you would with your favorite celebrities. It is a dangerous practice that ignores the ramifications of what happens when a politician breaks your trust. When they almost inevitably [...]
  • Georgia State: Immune to COVID-19, Thank You, SB 359

    Gov. Brian Kemp signed a bill that drastically changes how COVID-19 is being handled. Corporations are now free from the burden of COVID-19 liability, making the bill great for business, but a threat to students [...]
  • Make it legal to be Black in America

    Here we are again! Yet another unarmed black man, shot in the back by police. I bet you all thought of a different person. Some of you might have thought of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, [...]
  • WAP is all about owning your sexuality

    One of the few good things to emerge from 2020 is Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s latest hit, “WAP.” Released on August 6, the track went gold in under a week, and platinum two [...]
  • Why do Georgia State students get new advisors every semester?

    Like many Georgia State students, I have fought with our University Advisement Center my entire college career. The system is flawed top to bottom. Georgia State advisement is in desperate need of rebuilding. My freshman [...]
  • Kanye’s campaign is this year’s most dangerous distraction

    The Kanye West campaign is simply an attempt to take votes from Joe Biden. A vote for him will utterly diminish your voice and give Trump an advantage. In his exclusive interview with Forbes, Kanye [...]
  • Party culture shouldn’t cost human lives

    Everything Georgia, a Georgia-centered news site, recently shared a video on Twitter of a massive party being hosted at the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega in the middle of the pandemic. As the video [...]
  • Are concerts as we know them gone for good?

    Last year, many of us were pinning tickets to our walls, tying wristbands to our keys and bookbags and remembering yet another summer of stellar concerts and amazing festivals. This year, we watched our shows [...]
  • Spare some change, Georgia State University President Mark Becker?

    The stimulus checks came and went, but for many students, they never saw a penny of this relief. Thousands of college students were excluded from the stimulus check, leaving them financially vulnerable. Georgia State University [...]
  • Letter to the Editor: A battle cry for our money

    For at least the past year, Financial Services has caused unnecessary headaches for students at our school, so much so, that their tactics and practices would be considered unethical for anyone working in finance — [...]