• The 99% is too big to fail

    A handmade sign reads “THE 99% IS TOO BIG TO FAIL.” Occupy Georgia State was a potent moment. A messy wave of anti-capitalist slogans and student politics standing outside the Atlanta Federal Reserve. It was [...]
  • A letter to the unsatisfied

    To my fellow Unsatisfied,  We are an insatiable species.  If we have blonde hair, we want brown. If we have a house, we want a nicer one. If we travel to Florida, we wish we [...]
  • Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever” and the costs of fame.

    Fame is dangerous. That is the theme of Billie Eilish’s sophomore album, “Happier Than Ever.”  Eilish knows the struggles of being thrust into stardom before hitting their 20s better than most.  Across the album’s 56-minute [...]
  • University Housing: Yes or No?

    One of the most intimidating aspects of enrolling in college is the confusion surrounding housing. Many people ask similar questions: “Where am I going to live?”, “Will the location be close to classes?” and “Will [...]
  • Protect our women

    It’s a depressingly familiar situation now. Mariam Abdulrab was walking into her home after a late-night bar shift when a man kidnapped her at gunpoint. By 10 a.m. the following day, witnesses found her body [...]
  • Reparations for Summerhill, Now

    It’s been four years since Georgia State’s Carter & Associates led joint venture, Panther Holdings, acquired 68 acres in Atlanta’s Summerhill neighborhood. Hank Aaron Boulevard’s now become an ocean of high-rises and new construction, with [...]
  • The Year of the Panther: Mask Up

    Students across the country have been in the shackles of online learning for the past year and a half, missing valuable experiences they might never get back. This upcoming fall semester will be the first [...]
  • Dating in college is dead

    Everyone has their definition of love. However, what does this four-letter word mean? Personally, love is caring about someone more than yourself and wanting them to have everything, even if it kills you. Many students [...]
  • The benefits of keeping a schedule

    Everyone follows a certain type of schedule in our daily lives. Some people believe it creates order in their lives while others may see it as a list of various tasks that need to get [...]
  • ‘Old’ review: M. Night Shyamalan’s return to directorial greatness

    A film so original in its plot, yet weirdly unidentifiable to mainstream horror subgenres. “Old” marks its territory as a wildly authentic horror film that preys on the inevitable fear of growing old. contemporary horror [...]
  • As prodigal as it is economical, “Space Jam: A New Legacy” seems to remark a child-like appeal, attracting no real adult audience in its conquest to reimagine classic cartoon characters . This reboot of the [...]
  • From time to time you might bump into a video on the internet based on a true crime case. People enjoy these types of videos in order to get a thrill of knowing the steps [...]
  • Black Widow review: Scarlett Johanson finally stars in her own stand-alone film

    After over a year of rescheduling and uncertainty surrounding the film, “Black Widow” has finally been released, marking Marvel’s plunge into Phase Four. Even before the major pushback of the film due to the ongoing [...]
  • The Benefits of Having a Therapy Animal

    When you are out in public you may have a chance encounter with a dog in a harness that states ‘Service Dog’. A service dog has a specific purpose in this setting, to make sure that [...]
  • In Opinions: Astrology 101: Understanding the zodiacs

    As a Gemini, I’ve been told that I have multiple personalities, a two-faced liar, and a fantastic person. All could be true given the day. I read my horoscope daily to see how my day [...]