• Originality over Unoriginality

    Imagine going back to your favorite movie theater in the metro area to witness a fresh and innovative piece of cinematography after a year of streaming tired and stretched-out intellectual properties like the Law and [...]
  • Factory Farming Sucks. Here’s What To Do

    Factory farming. We’ve all heard of it, but do we understand it?  In recent years, animal rights and climate activists have been fighting to bring unethical farming to our attention for decades. It is time [...]
  • The False Flag of Progress

    Subsequent generations of people typically become more open-minded than their predecessors. In a time where civil rights movements are the norm as marginalized groups continue to gain visibility along with the backdrop of climate change [...]
  • Mental Illness in Disguise

    Over the past years, society has been changing when it comes to mental health issues. Despite people ostracizing people living with mental illness for decades, now we are trying to be more aware of the [...]
  • The Dangers Of Cancel Culture

    In the 2010s, we all came to know what we now call  “cancel culture” or being “canceled.” The #MeToo Movement was taking form and holding abusers responsible.  Group shaming and withdrawal of support are the [...]
  • Elon Musk and tech-bro futurism

    Technology has played a crucial role in the development of human society. Many of the wide-scale cultural and societal shifts that have taken place throughout history came from developing those new technologies.  The Industrial Revolution, [...]
  • Predatory Behavior on the Buses

    Many people rely on public transportation to go to different places without a car. Many would count school buses as a form of public transport.  School buses are a lifesaver for those who want their [...]
  • Why is the U.S. Treasury losing money

    According to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, the federal government will likely run out of money around October 18th. This is a prediction people have been making for a while.  As the United States debt has [...]
  • The rise in class-conscious media

    People have long used popular entertainment to address social issues and injustices in our world. From films like “Do the Right Thing” (1989), from as far back as Hugo’s “Les Miserables,” there is a clear [...]
  • The Equitable Building and another future

    “[We] do not yet know the true nature of the beast that we are encountering,” former (then incoming) Georgia State President Mark Becker notes at the 2009 Investiture Gala, ceremonial mace and medallion adjacent him.  [...]
  • The opposition to a 3rd-world democracy

    It is hard to think about Haiti. Many in the United States only know it for its political instability and abject poverty. The root of these issues, though, is a familiar pattern of behaviors for [...]
  • The university commodity

    As we move towards October, the Mayo Clinic’s estimate of Georgia attaining 20,000 new daily COVID-19 cases throughout September seems needlessly dour. Testing data suggests a seven-day moving average peaking at 7,000 – a more [...]
  • The Heartbeat Bill is unconstitutional

    In 2019, a new bill came to Ohio, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina and Texas. This bill would prevent women from having abortions after the first six weeks. The Atlanta courts ruled this [...]
  • Hamilton and American revisionism

    Hamilton is easily the most significant musical of the last 20 years. The show has been a hit since its debut in 2015. It has earned countless awards, reached No.2 on the charts and become [...]
  • Nine minutes, 29 seconds

    It’s been a year and some since the police murdered George Floyd. The events should be familiar by now. A cashier accused Floyd of paying counterfeit bills at the corner store, Cup Foods – buying [...]