• One zero-waste swap doesn’t make you a martyr

    One zero-waste swap doesn’t make you a martyr

    December 3, 2019 Sydney Bloeme 0
    Metal straws have become a physical marker of activists who care about the environmental and practice zero-waste. This push for metal straws came after a video of a turtle impaled by a plastic straw became viral. But this straw approach is absurd, ineffective and just the tip of the iceberg that is the neoliberal perversion of the zero-waste movement.  Global waste is out of control. According to the World Bank’s newest report, “Global waste will [...]

  • Why spontaneity is a good thing

    It’s easy to get caught up in the stresses of life, especially college life. You’re joining different organizations, trying to find opportunities and jobs that will build your resume, and to top it all off, [...]
  • Vagina runs the world and the victory of sex

    I am never one to cape for conservatism, but there is a fine line between true empowerment and attention-seeking. We are currently in an era that is revolutionizing how we discuss the sexuality of marginalized [...]
  • No, you check your privilege

    In my political science class, it is practically guaranteed that our day will start with a passionate discussion on current events and political commentary. A typical conversation will start at international matters and then quickly [...]
  • The businesses that stole Christmas

    It’s that time of the year again. Halloween just ended, and Christmas trees are already up. The holiday season seems to grow longer and longer every year, and the natural joy of Christmas is gone. [...]
  • Blame capitalism for your caffeine addiction

    While many people brag that they don’t do drugs, they forget to mention their morning cup of coffee, a stimulant with effects much like nicotine, cocaine, and meth.  According to the journal Food and Chemical [...]
  • Nut or die: National Men’s Health Month is not a joke

    November is considered by many to be National Men’s Health Awareness Month. It’s the reason why men get together and don’t shave for 30 days: to raise awareness for men’s health issues such as prostate [...]
  • Netflix, Hulu, Disney and the battle for your views

    So far, November has been one of the biggest months for TV and film in 2019. The fourth season of “Rick and Morty” dropped on Nov. 10, and “Frozen 2” is set to release on [...]
  • Letter to the Editor: From soldier to civilian in one week

    Dear editor, Familiar slogans like “The Few, The Proud,” “Army Strong” and “Fight and Win” have been used to describe the greatness that is the U.S. military and its members. Yet many veterans are depicted [...]
  • From the Editor: Perimeter reaches for more power with baseless special order

  • Shuttles don’t go off campus, Lyft is a bill a week and Uber may sell us

    In college, there is a strong emphasis placed on students being multifaceted. In addition to being diligent in our studies, we are urged to partake in various extracurricular activities and secure a job. If a [...]
  • Black outrage is a marketing technique

    Before social media existed, most of everyone’s opinion wasn’t heard. We got the bulk of our information from the few news channels that were available. We simply listened to the reporters speak their peace and [...]
  • Digital bystanders are a modern-day issue

    While on your way to Classroom South, an argument breaks out right in front of you between two people. The argument then escalates into a fistfight, and you continue to stand there and observe. At [...]
  • Letter to the Editor: Don’t cry wolf, be optimistic

    Dear editor, In his Oct. 29 Opinions column entitled “Employment isn’t working for students,” Jamal Lemond makes the unsubstantiated claim that “employment for students is becoming nearly impossible.” In a vague attempt to perform some [...]
  • Hijabis don’t need to be saved

    To put it bluntly, the white feminist movement has always excluded women of color. The voices of women of color are continuously pushed to the side as white feminists paint the narrative of what does [...]
  • Americans take their political identity way too seriously

    There are very few things that are ingrained in the American spirit. Apple pie, liberty, eagles, guns and, most significantly as of late, the political division are just some of the genuinely American ideals that [...]