• How Many Students Can We Save?

    How Many Students Can We Save?

    October 15, 2019 Jamal Lemond 0
    In the wake of the recent NCAA scandal over the ability of athletes to monetize their names and likenesses, college sports and fans have long ignored a major problem. The mental health of college athletes has routinely been ignored and forgotten. Recently, players like Kevin Love and Demar Derozan have spoken out about their troubles managing mental health, but the amateur rank has no one representing them. A few weeks ago, I was able to [...]

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    The Nightmare of the Dream Job

    Following rush week, a colorful, chalk-written advertisement made students aware of a rare opportunity. I glance down at the neatly written chalk, and a young woman pops up from the staircase and ushered me to [...]
  • Is “securing the bag” culture toxic to this society

    According to the University System of Georgia enrollment reports for the 2015-16 fiscal school year, there were a total of 77,263 students enrolled at Georgia State across all campuses. This includes fall, spring and summer [...]
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    Your college degree isn’t enough for the workforce

    University is much more than just an institution wherein students learn and get degrees; rather, it is a place where students have the opportunity to build a life that they envision for themselves. You learn [...]
  • Why is the Black Community More Uplifting?

    It is no secret that in today’s society, people are way more open, vocal and respectful of others who don’t “fit the norm,” in particular, the black community. The black community has broken down walls [...]
  • Apps: The Benefit and Harm

    We’ve all seen those YouTube taglines: “10 Apps Every College Student Should Use,” “10 Essential Student iPad Pro Apps” and “20 MUST HAVE SCHOOL APPS,” to name a few. Especially for freshmen, these intriguing taglines [...]
  • Plot Twist: Print Is Better Than Digital Texts

    Technology has afforded many of us with different ways to receive our information. Many students make a decision between print and digital resources subconsciously every semester when picking up reading materials for their courses.  Buying [...]
  • Pull-Out or Durex?

    We spend thousands of dollars per semester for “higher education” and the continuation of what our previous institutions didn’t expand on. We get a broader understanding of calculus, statistics and psychology, but why don’t we [...]
  • The Games We Play

    When I see commercials for games like Gears 5, I get a bit emotional. Games made with love and care, featuring relatable characters, dramatic storylines and affordable prices are a thing of the past. Unfortunately, [...]
  • A review of the rapidly increasing popularity of fake meat

    As 2019 comes to a close, it’s clear that the latest food trend isn’t avocado toast but meatless meat. Fast-food chains are collectively grasping the trend of these alternative meats. According to The Spoon, The [...]
  • Unhealthy foods are hindering your success

    The day-to-day grind of a college student is unpredictable. One day can be spent laying in your dorm and the next day, you could be out and about from early morning all the way into [...]
  • SGA breaks its promises every single year

    The Student Government Association is one of the most essential organizations at Georgia State. They make up the “Big Three,” along with Spotlight and The Signal, which only proves the fundamental importance of the Student [...]
  • Electric Scooters Are Not Worth It

    The implementation of electric scooters a year ago seemed promising. Who wouldn’t want transportation that decreased our carbon footprint and also had us avoid walking long distances? The e-scooters of the likes of Lime, Bird [...]
  • The US Education system props up racism

    To all the patriots reading this, please put down your pitchforks and your guns. The U.S., in my personal opinion, is still one of the greatest political entities to ever exist. But that doesn’t negate [...]
  • How Georgia State is not what students expect

    Students come into college with certain expectations about what college will be like. A lot of preconceived notions stem from movies, TV shows and books: non-stop events, clubs and so much free time to explore [...]
  • The Secret To Good Grades in College

    After a summer filled with internships, summer classes and vacations, every college student claims they are ready to be productive in the fall semester. However, this is the farthest thing from the truth because most [...]