A Trip to the High Museum of Art

High Museum of Art | Josh Hallett from Winter Haven, FL, USA

On April 6, 2023, Georgia State photography students took a trip to downtown Atlanta’s High Museum of Art. Mariah Kelley, the assistant curator, takes the mused photography students to view a collection of archived photos of Evelyn Hofer’s exhibition—a tour of many ecstatic pictures with perplexing stories.   

The students were impressed by the vivid colors and intricate details in Hofer’s photos. Mariah Kelley also shared interesting anecdotes about the artist’s life and creative process, which added depth to their understanding of the exhibition. Mariah Kelley’s expertise in curating and passion for art made the tour an insightful experience for the photography students, who gained a deeper appreciation for the power of storytelling through visual art.  

The photography students were presented with many pieces of art by Hofer, such as the New York collection of the Quuensboro Bridge, New York, 1964; Arteries, New York, 1964; and Hot Dog Stand, New York, 1963.  

Another elegant piece is the Toledo, Spain, 1963, which portrays an alluring black and white photo of Spanish architecture overlooking a river.  

As was stated near Toledo, Spain, 1963, “A sense of melancholy permeates the photographs Hofer contributed to The Presence of Spain (1964), her collaborations with Jan Morris. Hofer lived briefly in Madrid as a child before her family moved to Mexico, so Spain was one of the few places she photographed that held personal significance for her. She shows a country worn time and conflict; the results of the Spanish Civil War extend through many of the photographs.”  

Sarah Masry, one of the photography students who attended  the exhibition, expressed that her favorite piece from Hofer was the Dublin Sky, 1966. Sarah said, ” I like Dublin Sky for its use of color and framing.” 

 Unlike Hofer’s other photos, which portrayed bold, vibrant hues, Dublin Sky expressed a calmer, natural breath. The description of Dublin Sky states, “In Dublin, she emphasized the atmosphere, allowing the moody light and malleable weather to serve as natural diffusers.” This shows that Hofer is a versatile photographer who can capture different moods and atmospheres in her work. It also highlights her ability to use natural elements to enhance the beauty of her subjects. 

As the photography students left the exhibition, they were surprised to see the actor Erin Dane, also known as Mark Sloan from Grey’s Anatomy, visiting the high museum, which shook the students and excited them. The appearance of Eric Dane concluded an amusing experience for the GSU photography students. The exhibition was inspiring and a learning moment for the photography students.