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Navigating fitness on campus.

September 19, 2023 Kawthar Alasaad 0

  Georgia State provides an environment ripe with opportunities for students to prioritize physical activity along with their academic pursuits. To support students in maintaining healthy lifestyles, this guide outlines many ways to stay physically […]

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THC vs CBD: What is the difference?

April 26, 2022 Kara Martin 0

As more states consider opening their borders to the recreational and medicinal use of cannabis, there is still much to learn about the plant and its benefits. Cannabis has over a hundred cannabinoids or chemical […]

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Delta 8 – The Legal High

April 26, 2022 Darren Lang 0

NOTE: Due to the stigma surrounding drug use and its legality the quotes in this article will be anonymous. Weed, marijuana, gas, THC, kush or whatever else you may call it, is illegal. Despite being […]

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The fear of female sexual liberation

April 26, 2022 Grace Braswell 0

For decades, sexual stereotypes have roped women into a constant cycle of yearning for sexual desire while keeping up with the societal pressures of  sex as a woman. Stereotypically speaking, women are supposed to be […]

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