Looking into 5 new restaurants coming to Atlanta this year

Photo by Carlos Linder on Unsplash.com

With the new year comes several new restaurants that will be opening their doors in Atlanta in 2024. Atlanta is known for many things and one of them is having a diverse selection of restaurants. Whether you have a taste for Cajun barbeque or comfort foods, Atlanta’s newest and upcoming restaurants will be sure to satisfy your cravings.

1. Painted Park is a recreational, gaming restaurant that is projected to open around February. Painted Park will be occupying the space previously known as Parish in Inman Park. According to Justin Amick, Parish’s former general manager, Painted Park will be “a recreational place of assembly, green space and private events venue.” The restaurant will have indoor and outdoor games, food, drinks and a broad, outdoor seating area with a view of the Eastside Beltline Trail.

2. Lucky Star is an Asian-inspired restaurant that will open either in January or February at the Star Metals Complex on Howell Mill Road. Lucky Star, owned by Jason Liang and John Chen will be an all-day cafe and bar. Lucky Star will have a space that is devoted to serving designed cocktails. Ching Yao Wang, Liang’s wife, will be baking pastries including crepes and croissants. This restaurant will serve street snacks, Taiwanese fried chicken sandwiches, coffee, matcha and more. According to Atlanta Magazine, Liang said, “Expect foods that are easy to eat and go well with drinks.” For more information on Lucky Star, visit their Instagram @luckystaratl

3. Block and Drum will be a new eco-friendly eatery and entertainment district that plans to be fully operational by the spring. Block and Drum will include green spaces with an outdoor stage, outside seating, a tasting room, a micro-distillery, a hydroponic farm, listening bar and more. It will be located by the Rail Trail on Peachtree Boulevard in Chamblee. As of now, Block and Drum serves a selected breakfast, brunch and coffee menu. The entire complex is expected to be fully complete around May. For more information on Block and Drum, visit https://www.blockanddrum.com/.

4. Gene’s will be a Viet-Cajun/comfort food eatery opening around the spring. The owners, Chef Avery Cottrel and John Ward, will be opening Gene’s at Hosea and 2nd, which was previously the Salaryman space. Cottrel is a chef at Poor Hendrix in East Lake. When he found out that Salaryman, a Korean-Japanese restaurant, would be leaving next door, he immediately took the opportunity to use that for Gene’s brick-and-mortar location while also working at Poor Hendrix. “It’s so nice, because I can finish up with work at Poor Hendrix, then run right next door and work on the space,” Cottrel said to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. ”It’s a lot, but I’ve been doing the pop-up thing for so long, I’m accustomed to burning the candle at both ends.” For more information on Gene’s, visit https://www.genesgenesgenes.com/

5. Butter and Scotch will be an Afro-Carribean Restaurant that will be opening in downtown Atlanta this winter. Owners chef Malik Rhasaan and Detric Fox-Quinlan will be opening Butter and Scotch at the new origin hotel. Their menu will include a few Southwest Atlanta restaurant’s popular dishes and breakfast. For more information, visit their Instagram @butterandscotchatl or their website https://www.butterandscotchatl.com/.