Why Advertise With The Signal?

Reach Metropolitan Atlanta

Ever since Perimeter College
merged with Georgia State in 2016,
The Signal has not only catered to Downtown,
but all of Metropolitan Atlanta as well.
That’s 6 million people and rapidly growing.

55,000+ Strong

With more than 55,000 students and faculty,
Georgia State is the largest university in the state,
and one of the largest in the Southeast.
That’s over 55,000 people waiting to see your ad.

Diverse Audience

Georgia State is an extremely diverse and
minority serving university, so
whoever you are trying to target,
chances are that you will find them
in the Georgia State Community.

Our Audience

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Our Products

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Weekly Newspaper

With a weekly circulation of 4,500 copies, thousands of Georgia State students can hold in their hands a large, beautiful and full colored ad from your company.


Our website receives 36,000 pageviews a month, and that’s 36,000 impressions your ad could be making.

Social Media

We have 7,000 followers across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook waiting to see your ad.

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