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  • The Zen of cat cafes

    The Zen of cat cafes

    March 31, 2020 Holyn Thigpen 0
    New research suggests that spending time with animals is among the best coping methods for stress, anxiety and generalized depression. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America terms this the “pet effect.” Surveying thousands of pet owners across the country, the ADAA found that 74% reported mental health improvements from pet ownership. College students are among the most at-risk groups for anxiety and depression, but financial and time commitments often make pet ownership unrealistic. But [...]

  • Entering the job market during a pandemic

    The stock market crashed in the beginning of March, seeing one of the worst crashes since the 2008 recession. The entire planet is amid a pandemic, causing municipal shutdowns, self-quarantine and an escalating death rate. [...]
  • Panthers speak on the recent passing of their favorite artists

    In early February this year,  20-year-old Brooklyn-born rapper Pop Smoke was gunned down after a house party in the Hollywood Hills. His tragic death was yet another name in the lengthening list of young hip-hop [...]
  • Goodbye Apple Music and Spotify, hello Quadio

    The recent rise of music streaming has revolutionized the way that consumers are able to access songs from their favorite artists. Streaming now makes up 80% of the music industry’s revenue. According to a 2019 [...]
  • Woke up feeling like I just might run for president

    March 1 marked the start of Women’s History Month. Looking around the city, Atlanta has many influential women, past and present.    In the past year, Georgia politician Stacey Abrams flooded the headlines. In 2010, [...]
  • Georgia State Holds 5th Annual Trans Week

    Georgia State aimed to hold its fifth annual Trans Week from March 30 to April 3. Due to campus closure for the remainder of the semester amid COVID-19 concerns, the event is no longer taking [...]
  • ‘Girls just want to have fun’ and make music

    Women musicians have been historically underrepresented in the industry, especially when it comes to awards ceremonies and other titles of recognition. The percentage of women inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame has [...]
  • Debunked and explained: Deafness in America

    Children sit in a classroom, intently focused on their teacher. They see their teacher’s lips moving yet hear no sound. Expected to read the lips of their teacher in order to follow along with the [...]
  • The Divine Feminine takes on Title IX

    A collection of art pieces hung in the heart of Georgia State’s campus, highlighting the historical connection between the Title IX civil rights law and femininity among college women. The opening night reception created a [...]
  • Georgia revamps voting systems for election

    Democratic presidential candidates are feeling the pressure in the final weeks of campaigns throughout the primary election process. With fierce debates and early voting underway, tensions between candidates have risen. Back in January, candidates Bernie [...]
  • New Square: A living art space at Underground

    Upon walking into New Square, paint-filled balloons cover an entirely paper-covered wall.  Attendees walked to the wall, table by table. A woman in a flower-print jacket grasped the dart firmly and threw it at a [...]
  • Photos: The Runaway Tour Leg 2 at The Infinite Energy Center

    The Runaway Tour made its way into Atlanta on Tuesday afternoon. This was the second time that the tour appeared in Georgia since October of last year. The event was held at the Infinite Energy [...]
  • When students create their own community spaces

    The collegiate experience in teen-geared movies optimizes green spaces fit with hammocks, frisbees and hacky sack. Lacking an official communal area on the Atlanta campus, students have historically created their own space to hang out. [...]
  • Men in Violence Prevention’s inaugural year

    When Georgia State senior Kenon McCollins walked into Assistant Dean of Students Jaray Mazique’s office, he had the intent to combat gender-based violence starting with an initiative. Mazique and McCollins created the Men in Violence [...]
  • No Picture

    Music and motivation a one-on-one with Justin Roberts

    Music holds a large influence in many people’s lives as a source of motivation, relaxation and a way to set their mood.  For athletes, this fascination of music is often focused on being able to [...]
  • ‘I’m pickin’ up good vibrations’ from these jams

    In the early morning, Georgia State student Serena White walked down the rainy, slick Atlanta streets. Her coat, unfortunately, had done little to protect her. Two speeding cars had already rushed through massive puddles on [...]