• Stranger Things season 5 begins filming in Atlanta

    The hit sci-fi thriller Netflix series Stranger Things started filming season five in Atlanta on January 8. The creators of the show, the Duffer brothers, previously announced in February 2022 that season five will be [...]
  • Art Demo: A look into the process behind an artist’s artwork

    For the last two weeks the ABV Art Gallery in Atlanta has hosted a solo exhibition titled “Flux.” The artist behind the show is Claude-Gerard. On October 7, the artist was in the gallery performing [...]
  • Celebrities are reshaping the stigma around mental health

    Mental health is an important topic that is becoming more significant in today’s society. The stigma around mental health has been decreasing as people have become more comfortable openly talking about it. Before social media, [...]
  • Exploring the deep-rooted sports culture in Atlanta and its far-reaching effects

    Atlanta, a city deeply rooted in sports culture, has experienced a remarkable influence from its professional sports teams on the local economy. The Atlanta Falcons in the NFL, the Atlanta Braves in the MLB and [...]
  • Studio Ghibli is critically acclaimed for its masterful storytelling

    Studio Ghibli movies have captivated audiences all over the world with their strong storytelling, empowering themes and stunning visuals. Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation studio founded in 1985. The studio has influenced many animators, [...]
  • Chills and thrills: discover Atlanta’s haunted hotspots

    Disclaimer: The stories and encounters recounted in this article are based on folklore and witness experiences. Reader discretion is advised. As October approaches, the city of Atlanta prepares to embrace its haunted history and ghostly [...]
  • A Celebration of Love

    Over the past week, there have been different pride events from the Pride Prom on national coming out day hosted by Georgia State to Pride Weekend. On October 15, the city hosted its annual pride [...]
  • Women in horror: A chilling short film showcase.

    Happy spooky season! On October 19, The Bloody Peach Film Festival hosted a women in horror panel. The event showcased short films by women and a brief discussion with the creators behind the work. The [...]
  • Netflix plans to open immersive brick-and-mortar locations

    Netflix has taken the streaming world by storm with hit tv shows like Stranger Things, Squid Games and more. Now they plan to open brick-and-mortar stores called “Netflix House.” Netflix Houses will allow customers to [...]
  • Hulaween celebrates ten years of magic

    For lovers of jam bands, eccentric EDM artists and an overall spectacular vibe, Suwannee’s Hulaween festival is the only place to celebrate your Halloweekend. With mind-blowing sets, psychedelic art installations and thousands of festival-goers dressed [...]
  • YouTube launches new video editing app, YouTube Create

    With short form, digital content becoming more popular, video editing softwares are increasingly in demand. YouTube, one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, has released its own free, mobile video editing app called [...]
  • Writers’ strike ends: A turning point for the film industry

    In a major breakthrough, the recent writer’s strike that plagued the film industry for several months has finally come to an end. This strike, which started due to disputes over fair compensation and working conditions, [...]
  • A sculpture unveiling and art walk to end September

    The city of Atlanta has received a new art piece. On Friday, September 29, a sculpture by Yinka Shonibare was unveiled. Shonibare is an artist from the U.K.. His website states that  “his works comment [...]
  • The Signal’s top 10 artists to see at Hulaween

    In a small, wooded town just on the outskirts of the Florida/Georgia line, Suwannee, Florida is transforming once again into a playground for the imagination. With a plethora of stunning art installations, a genre-crossing lineup [...]
  • Exploring Atlanta’s parks and outdoor spaces

    In a city known for its urban landscape, Atlanta residents and visitors are finding solace and connection with nature through its numerous parks and outdoor spaces. From serene gardens to sprawling green spaces, Atlanta offers [...]