• Video games are not always stimulating

    When it comes to the depiction of sex in any media, it is never gauranteed to be a good one. Video games are certainly no exception to this rule, and the range of scenes and [...]
  • “Dandelion” Is a Wonderfully Sad Album

    “Dandelion,” the second full-length EP from indie rock band The Greeting Committee, comes three years after their debut and a few scattered EPs and singles. The most significant question mark for this project was whether [...]
  • The blunt truth about marijuana in music

    From Willie Nelson to Lady Gaga all the way to Snoop Dogg and Kacey Musgraves, artists of all different musical genres have discussed their love of weed throughout their music. Despite the legal state of [...]
  • Delta 8 – The Legal High

    NOTE: Due to the stigma surrounding drug use and its legality the quotes in this article will be anonymous. Weed, marijuana, gas, THC, kush or whatever else you may call it, is illegal. Despite being [...]
  • THC vs CBD: What is the difference?

    As more states consider opening their borders to the recreational and medicinal use of cannabis, there is still much to learn about the plant and its benefits. Cannabis has over a hundred cannabinoids or chemical [...]
  • Marijuana Decriminalization– Thousands Still in Legal Limbo

    It is estimated that as many as 40,000 Georgians have been charged for possession of marijuana. Georgia remains one of the few states without any level of statewide decriminalization of marijuana possession. Both Doraville and [...]
  • “The Way of Kings” is Very Entertaining

    When it comes to Brandon Sanderson, there is certainly never a lack of content. Sanderson is often known for the amount of raw writing in his stories, and “The Way of Kings” is no exception. [...]
  • “FREE99FRIDGE MOVEMENT”—Atlanta’s fridge movement

    On Free99Fridge’s website, “FOR THE PEOPLE FROM THE PEOPLE” pops out and sums up the organization’s  aim. Free99Fridge isn’t a charity, but a mutual aid network. Mutual aid is different from a charity in that [...]
  • Women to celebrate during Women’s History Month

    Women’s History Month is recognized during March and celebrates the many contributions and sacrifices women have made throughout history. While every woman deserves celebration, these four, in particular, made a significant impact on the history [...]
  • The Sustainability Project at GSU

    According to its  mission statement, the Student Government Association (SGA) is “The official voice of students in academic, institutional and community affairs,” according to their mission statement. They are committed to everything concerning the student.  [...]
  • Best go-to bars in Atlanta

    Atlanta’s nightlife and party scenes are arguably some of the most wild and exciting in the US. With entire songs dedicated to what it is like to party in Atlanta by insanely popular artists, it’s [...]
  • The rise and fall of the Okefenokee Protection Act

    Few bills involving environmental issues receive widespread bipartisan support, with Republicans and Democrats tending to disagree on the details. The Okefenokee Protection Act, though, was widely backed by both Republicans and Democrats. The bill, proposed [...]
  • Six Black people-friendly international travel destinations

    With COVID-19 restrictions having eased up since the height of the pandemic, many people are excited about traveling again. One concern that has always remained prevalent within the Black community is racism outside the U.S. [...]
  • YAWP! gives independent artists a place to grow

    The city of Atlanta is a hotspot for dreamers. Whether it be an artist searching for a place to showcase their art, a musician in need of space to play original pieces of music or [...]
  • DIY spaces, beyond the music and art scene

    1215 Hosea L. Williams Drive looks like any other house on the street at 8:54 P.M. However, this building hosts The Third Place House, a DIY comedy space. The Third Place House’s screen door had [...]