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  • Are Tech Decks cool again?

    The recent construction of a miniature skate park in the heart of Atlanta’s skate culture is more than just the resurgence of Tech Decks. While the park’s creator did not want to disclose park details [...]
  • Who’s going to move the rocks?

    Last year, Georgia State’s oldest building and home of geosciences, Kell Hall, was set for demolition. The entirety of the Geology Department: all the rocks, chemicals and equipment must be relocated. So, how would over [...]
  • Rozina: the newest coffee shop on campus

    Nestled in with a host of other student-frequented spots at 33 Hurt Plaza SE, Rozina Bakehouse and Coffee, is run by Chef Shay Lavi, who moved here from Israel just four years ago. Lavi adds [...]
  • How to jump-start your comedy career in Atlanta

    For Georgia State students or anyone looking to get into comedy, there’s hardly a better place to start than Atlanta. People like Lance Burson, Shaunak Godkhindi, Lisa Smith, and Chris Martin have all made names [...]
  • The Death (or Life) of Subgenres

    Subgenres are important, combining pre-existing genres, pushing their limits or creating an otherwise unidentifiable sound. Labels have historically used genres to narrow their consumer base, but today, with the rise of social media and independent [...]
  • You’re practicing witchcraft without knowing it

    Wicca, also referred to as witchcraft, has been on the rise in the last 30 years. About 1.5 million people practice today, which is a sharp rise from the 8,000 who practiced in 1990 and [...]
  • Google’s Project Stream is a student’s dream

    High-end gaming PCs can cost up to thousands of dollars and take up valuable space in the characteristically cramped living spaces of students. Google hopes to alleviate all of these problems with Project Stream. How [...]
  • You’re not the only one with a sad playlist

    From GOTHBOICLIQUE to James Blake, many artists in recent years have shown to be in opposition to joyous composition, substituting positive tracks with more melancholy tunes. Researchers at the University of California-Irvine performed a study [...]
  • Abuse doesn’t have to be as permanent as a tattoo

    Many survivors today not only deal with the painful memories of the past, but also with physical markings on their bodies, whether those be branding and tattoos from sex trafficking or scars from physical abuse [...]
  • “A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships”- Album Review

    In the fall of 2016, I got to see The 1975 in concert at the Fox theater during their tour for their second album. It was a solid show with lead singer Matty Healy and [...]
  • Why do you Americans do that?

    Ask for a rubber with the intention of fixing your stats homework and someone might just hand you a condom. See if anyone has a fag in the smircle and you’ll get dirty looks. Try [...]
  • An Insta picture can paint 1,000 insecurities

    Once used as a convenient method for interacting with your peers, social media is now redefining what it means to brand yourself as an artist, but it may come with consequences. Local Atlanta producer Gus [...]
  • Can students join the tiny house movement?

    Finding a place to live close to campus is the hefty price Georgia State students must pay to go to school in the heart of Downtown Atlanta. Because of the rising costs of living, many [...]
  • Apple’s rising prices hurt students the most

    In recent years, the tech giant Apple has gone through somewhat of an identity crisis. Amidst stagnating sales and an increasingly saturated personal computing market, the company has had to decide whether it wants to [...]
  • Christmas comes early at Sister Louisa’s

    This December marks the second year that Taylor Alxndr has hosted the annual Holigay drag show at Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium. “The major inspiration [for the show] is [...]