• Exploring the public’s fascination with true crime

    The public’s fascination with true crime is not a recent phenomenon and is prevalent in entertainment industries following a reinvigoration of the genre’s interest. There is a recent influx of new content available due to [...]
  • What it’s like being Afro-Latinx on campus

    The Latinx identity is exceptionally diverse, and the lines between race and ethnicity often blur. Often marginalized within the Latinx community, many Afro-Latinx people around the world embrace their heritage and resist cultural erasure.  According [...]
  • Students explain how to ‘cancel’ someone

    The term “problematic” has become a buzzword in recent years, with the word now describing various undesirable beliefs or actions of celebrities. The label increased in usage throughout the 2010s, presumably due to its use [...]
  • A new way to experience therapy

    Art has the potential to play a significant role in therapy by allowing people to express themselves in a nontraditional way. Using art in therapeutic processes is known as “expressive therapy.” Psychology Today defines expressive [...]
  • Burnout on the other end of Zoom University

    As virtual learning continues into 2021, students and professors alike are experiencing burnout. With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing prolonged academic, workplace, financial and health stresses, instructors are inevitably feeling tired and helpless.  When Georgia State [...]
  • Jah Phnx creates his path by being his own inspiration

    With many things to celebrate during Black History Month, the Black community’s talented youth deserves uplifting. Black people continue to create their waves and paths in life with their diverse sense of style and versatility. [...]
  • Simply Signal Recipes: Efo Riro and Iyán

    In honor of Black history month, Simply Signal Recipes collaborated with the Atlanta-based food blog, Craving Mad, to share this Nigerian meal. Forest Ogunyankin is a Nigerian-American food blogger who cooks various fusion foods and [...]
  • Demystifying Depop: Handmade treasures

    Depop, a platform where people can buy and sell secondhand items, is remarkably similar to Instagram. Depop’s modern interface is a never-ending flood of edited photos that include colorful backgrounds, filters or bright stickers. Users [...]
  • Seeking refuge and community in a warm cup of coffee

    The life of a refugee is challenging. Forced to abandon their entire lives to flee war and disaster, refugees create an entirely new world for themselves and their families. By recognizing the struggles of starting [...]
  • ‘Whole Lotta Waiting’ for a Playboi Carti album

    Atlanta native Playboi Carti’s long-anticipated sophomore album “Whole Lotta Red” dropped on Dec. 25, 2020. The album was his first full release following his 2018 album “Die Lit.”  “Whole Lotta Red’’s reception was polarizing. Some [...]
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    In the age of technology, social media has transitioned into a tool for promoting someone or their work. Still, it’s difficult to understand whether someone’s profile represents them accurately in their real life.  Sophomore Bailey [...]
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    While celebrating another year of Black History Month, it is imperative to acknowledge Black people’s contributions toward the music scene. Black History Month is a nationally recognized holiday whose observance began in 1976, and people [...]
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    Sex, gender and sexuality are terms used to label someone’s sexual reproductive anatomy, how one expresses themselves to the world and someone’s sexual orientation. These terms are not synonymous and can be confused with one [...]