• Uprooting the Industry Plants

    Legitimacy is an important quality within the music industry. The idea of a completely organic rise to fame in the industry is often a key part of establishing an artist’s narrative. Everyone loves a good [...]
  • Five dinner and game night ideas for couples and friends

    With each passing year, Atlanta continues to draw in couples and groups of friends with their new restaurants and forms of entertainment, as it is hard to turn down good food and a good time. [...]
  • Eric Cuevas helps students succeed

    Eric Cuevas is the Senior Director of Student Success Programs at Georgia State. He is currently in his 13th year at Georgia State. The first five years of Cuevas’s career in higher education were with [...]
  • Summer in the City opens at Cat Eye Creative

    Offering some of Atlanta’s most diverse, passionate and innovative artists, Cat Eye Creative’s “Summer in the City” art gallery is showcasing pieces of work meant to delve into some of the most unexplored scenes of [...]
  • Project H.E.L.P aids Atlanta’s homeless population

    The Project H.E.L.P Atlanta Chapter is composed of those that have a passion for making a difference in the lives of others. With the slogan “humanity evolves from loving people,” this organization has a mission [...]
  • These five tracks are just enough to keep the party going all night long.

    Although the summer is starting to cool down, that does not mean that the party has to stop. These five songs are just enough to keep a party thriving while still being able to chill [...]
  • Perimeter College’s new African-American Studies pathway

    In the fall of 2020, Perimeter College introduced a new African-American Studies associate of arts degree program featuring four new courses and combining the expertise of over 20 professors. This pathway allows students to learn [...]
  • Exploring the history of the Civil Rights trail.

    2021 marks the first year in which Juneteenth (also known as Black Independence Day) is recognized as a federal holiday.  The recognition comes after a very significant year for African Americans in the wake of [...]
  • Atlanta Perimeter Record Store Tour

    Music lovers and vintage enthusiasts alike can relate to the familiar feeling of perusing shelves lined with music of all genres, decades and tastes. From indie exclusives to pop to classics, these record stores located [...]
  • A different look at learning in the city, suburbs and beyond

    Considering the difference between the city and the suburbs, it goes a lot deeper than noisy inner-city traffic and white picket fences. These places breed two different cultures that are both unique in their way. [...]
  • How nu-metal band “Silly Goose” is rocking Atlanta

    Rooted in virtuosic guitar riffs, vibrant drum patterns and powerful bass lines, the nu-metal band Silly Goose of Atlanta, Georgia creates a dynamic sound built for a crowd of head-banging music lovers who love a [...]
  • Pandemic and coming our during quarantine

    Coming out during a pandemic

    The way people celebrate Pride looks different for every individual, especially during a pandemic. While the typical parades and large parties are missing this year, many LGBTQ+ people have found their own pride through self-reflection. [...]
  • Juneteenth continues its celebration of freedom over a hundred years later.

    After centuries of relentless and immoral treatment done to those enslaved, freedom is finally here. This freedom is recognized every year on June 19th and is now officially celebrated as the federal holiday, better known [...]
  • Simply Signal Recipes: Pride Edition

    People are celebrating Pride month across the country, and one way to join in on the festivities is through baking. Many flags represent the identities and self-expression within the LBGTQ+ community. With their bright colors [...]
  • Diamant releases “Insecurity and the Orchestrated Confidence.”

    Diamant, a 22-year old artist based out of Atlanta, Georgia, creates music soaked with a dreamy,hook-filled core and catchy melodies with sadly beautiful lyrics that grasp listeners’ attention, keeping them yearning for more.  In early [...]