• 100 Gecs brings hyper pop to the Tabernacle

    100 Gecs brings hyper pop to the Tabernacle

    May 9, 2023 Amira Daniel 0
    The energy in the room is electric and buzzing, loud chatters among the crowd and the occasional syncopated chant can be heard. Suddenly, its lights off and screams erupt as the anticipatory crescendo noise at the beginning of their song “Dumbest Girl Alive” fills the room. The hyper pop duo known as 100 Gecs enters the stage. Laura Les and Dylan Brady are the two artists behind 100 Gecs which was formed in 2015. The origin of the [...]

  • Beyond the stage: The mutual dedication between musical artists and fans

    Around 11 p.m. on Saturday, April 1, screams could be heard outside of the Buckhead Theater. No one was in danger; it was just the fan reaction to Joshua Bassett as he walked out of [...]
  • Springtime in Atlanta: where the living is easy

    Flowers are blooming, temperatures are rising and the sun doesn’t set at five pm anymore, it’s officially springtime! It’s time to step outside and witness the scenery as the city comes to life. Springtime in [...]
  • The taste of Chattahoochee Coffee Company

    Chattahoochee Coffee Company in the Riverside area has rich scenery overlooking a cinematic river. This coffee shop is adored and visited most often because of the beautiful view. In addition to the stunning view, Chattahoochee [...]
  • Making Americans

    Women’s History Month is a crucial time to celebrate women and recognize their exceptional work and accomplishments. Women such as Jessica Lander not only have the talent to write Making Americans but also held the [...]
  • Taking a Look at the “Rich” History of Auburn Avenue

    In 1956, referred to by Fortune magazine as the “richest Negro Street in the world,” like Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Black Wall Street, Georgia State University’s campus now surrounds Auburn Avenue.  Having been a conglomerate of entertainment [...]
  • Running water ran away from Piedmont Central for a day

    What would you do if you lived  in a multi-million-dollar building with no running water for one day?  Amid a stressful period of midterms, students at one of Georgia State’s on-campus residences, Piedmont Central, had [...]
  • Atlanta creators write new comedy series “Sink or Swam”

    On the hour-long car ride coming home from a work trip in a nowhere town in Georgia back to their home in Atlanta, Patrick Cavillo and Ana Bernot-Reilly revisited their time, cackling with one another [...]
  • Zach Bryan turns pain into beauty with “American Heartbreak”

    Pain creates us. It flows through our veins, keeps us on our toes, leaves us weak and makes us strong. Some people choose to bury the pain deep inside of them, never to see the [...]
  • Does AI Art Dream of Artificial Sheep?

    AI art is a current topic that dominates much of the art discussion on the internet. Thanks to websites such as Wombo.art and Artbreeder the greater public conscience has become aware of its existence. It’s [...]
  • BeReal and Social Media Authenticity

    The pandemic has had an impact on everyone, demanding an adjustment to a remote life of school, work and socialization. Many people have expressed concerns about lacking a social life and basic human interaction. However, [...]
  • Overwatch 2: New Dog, Old Tricks

    “Overwatch 2” the semi sequel to Blizzard’s hit first-person shooter finally released for the public a few days ago. After two years of no new Overwatch content, finally something happens. But, while the game is [...]
  • Andrew Tate: the internet’s most talked-about misogynist

    Men need a role model. Considering the stigmas involving the mental and emotional health of men in the world today, it is no surprise to find out that 77% of all men suffer from some [...]
  • Who’s in Your Meat? Review of Tender is the Flesh

    After a virus kills off livestock, humans of the future make the decision to switch over to “special meat”. This is the basis of the cannibalistic novel, “Tender is the Flesh.” This novel is Agustina [...]
  • Georgia State’s competitive housing process leaves students without housing

    After a summer of empty streets, campus is once again bursting with life as wide-eyed Georgia State students eagerly scramble back onto campus moving into dorms, apartments and houses to prepare for yet another semester [...]
  • Ken Carson’s X-Man Tour is Beautiful Chaos

    It’s the first day of cool temperatures in Atlanta, and what better way to celebrate the coming of fall than going to a sold-out Ken Carson show. Ken Carson is one of the forerunners of [...]