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  • Drag performances from the comfort of your home

    Drag performances from the comfort of your home

    June 30, 2020 Kristy Rivera 0
    The world of drag is full of glitz, glamour and self-expression.  Drag shows are safe spaces where performers and audiences alike can be themselves free of judgment. However, these performances often rely on audience interaction and, as a result, have had to face setbacks and come up with creative solutions throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Atlanta-based House of ALXNDR is one of the drag houses that has been working toward creative solutions, continuing to hold shows [...]

  • Content creators in quarantine: YouTube edition

    YouTube is a platform that encourages creative expression through video. The freedom and ability to create content in multiple genres has made this platform a favorite among college students. Georgia State students have especially taken [...]
  • Georgia State students adapt as summer internships are canceled

    The spring semester has ended, and the days are growing warmer as summer approaches. This year is different, though, as friends stand apart and graduations are moved online.  Some students planned to have jobs, internships [...]
  • No Picture

    Walking the red carpet at home

    The NeoN House Productions Premiere saw its first digital rendition on the NeoN House YouTube channel Friday.  According to Alex White, NeoN’s general manager, the network had to adapt to social distancing regulations, which meant [...]
  • Reducing one’s rubbish

    College is the time to become more self-aware and develop sustainable habits that persist into one’s adult life. One practice of sustainability that is gaining attention, especially among young people, is the zero waste movement. [...]
  • Self-isolation and second-hand clothes shopping

    The fashion industry began to pick up speed in the 1960s, reaching its peak four decades later in the 2000s. Retailers like Wet Seal, Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe began popping up in malls, launching [...]
  • Homeschooling with twice the amount of students

    Elementary school shutdowns in Atlanta will require parents to assist their kids with the new online learning systems. Georgia State alumna Leah Longoria is a high school English teacher and a mother of three. Because [...]
  • Let’s show Mother Nature some love

    The sun is shining, birds are chirping, but everyone is inside. Amid COVID-19, it can be difficult to think about anything other than the pandemic. Luckily, Mother Nature is here to help. This year marks [...]
  • The fight to save Atlanta’s oldest park

    Just south of I-20 sits an oasis in the city. Rolling hills, bike paths, massive trees and playgrounds usher in people of all ages and backgrounds to the Grant Park neighborhood. But despite the park [...]
  • Green thumbs welcome at the Mix

    Georgia State students still living downtown amid the coronavirus pandemic are buying plants to stay in touch with nature. Gov. Brian Kemp recently extended Georgia’s shelter-in-place order to the end of April, allowing only essential [...]
  • Five things to do in quarantine that aren’t reading or cleaning

    Here it is: what feels like day 147 of social distancing is just the third or fourth week of self-quarantine. The past few weeks were excruciating for many, and the hibernation stations, also known as [...]
  • The show must go on

    For the past month, COVID-19 has taken its toll on Atlanta, the U.S. and the entire world. Amid tragic deaths of loved ones, shelter-in-place orders and ravaged grocery stores, most people are trying to cope [...]
  • Coronavirus puts local productions at a standstill

    The COVID-19 pandemic has paused work on many projects within the entertainment industry. As a growing hub for film and television production, Atlanta has been especially impacted by this sudden lack of work. Actors, crew [...]
  • ‘Mystic rhythms under city lights’

    Chad Andrews was fidgety as a child, and he found it hard to pay attention. Often, his mother would come into his room to see him tapping and hitting furniture to pacify his hyperactivity. Hoping [...]
  • Balancing homework and entrepreneurial ventures

    Being a full-time student is hard enough, but being a student entrepreneur adds an extra layer of stress. Many college students have a “side hustle” while they are in school for a few reasons: to [...]
  • Meet Georgia State panther Evan Malbrough

    On March 9, Georgia State hosted the first student-run polling location on a college campus in American history because one Georgia State Panther decided to take the right to vote into his own hands — [...]