• Anti-abortion group visits Georgia in “campus tour”

    Anti-abortion group visits Georgia in “campus tour”

    November 12, 2019 Ada Wood 0
    Unity Plaza was lined with graphic, bloody images of dismembered fetuses on Nov. 6 as students walked past on their way to class, gathered for lunch and shopped at the pop-up shops steps away. Created Equal, a pro-life education and outreach organization based in Columbus, Ohio, is behind the project. In a “campus tour,” the organization will be visiting over a dozen college campuses and several high schools and abortion facilities in three states. After [...]

  • New dining program for reusable containers provides discounted meals

    Students at Georgia State can now save money on food and play their part in saving the planet through the OZZI program. This program will allow students to use reusable containers instead of the traditional disposable ones, at Panther’s Club, allowing them to also get 10% off of their meal. OZZI, according to their website, is a program to eliminate traditional disposable takeout containers with enhanced technology. “As part of PantherDining Sustainable Initiatives, we wanted [...]
  • Spotlight spirits and traditions director resigns

    As Georgia State winds down from an energetic Homecoming week, it hasn’t left the mind of the man who planned it all. Brandon Byrd, the spirits and traditions director for Spotlight Programs Board, was the lead organizer for the event. He resigned from the influential campus organization on Oct. 30 at 3 p.m. Of course, several other Spotlight members contributed to Homecoming week in some way shape or form, but it was Byrd who helped [...]
  • The Signal logo

    Student Media attends 2019 conferences

    This week Georgia State’s student media organizations attended two conferences to participate in workshops, speak with industry experts and take home awards earned over the past year.  Three student-ran organizations attended the conferences: The Signal, the newspaper; Neo Network, the film and TV station; and Album 88, the radio station.  2019 ACP/CMA awards in Washington, D.C. Oct. 31 to Nov. 3 ACP Pacemaker awards 2nd place, Cartoon of the Year (comic panel/strip) – The Signal, [...]
  • Proposed College Affordability Act could expand access to higher education

    The rising cost of college is often on the minds of students across the country, including at Georgia State. State-wide, the cost of attendance at University System of Georgia schools has increased over 77% since 2006, according to a 2016 state audit. In-state tuition and fees at Georgia State specifically have jumped over 27% since 2010, records show, including another increase this semester. With those costs only expected to rise, legislators are looking to combat [...]
  • Students can work alongside an artist, business executive or engineer with Georgia State’s residency programs

    Although classes and university organizations provide essential learning experiences for a student’s degree, sometimes, books aren’t enough. To provide hands-on experiences to students, Georgia State uses the residency programs in the Creative Media Industries Institute, College of Arts and Sciences and the J. Mack Robinson College of Business. Each school has their own resident to refer to. The CMII has an “artist-in-residence,” the CAS has an “engineer-in-residence” and Robinson College has an “executive-in-residence.” According to [...]
  • Study abroad in Hong Kong: The Georgia State student studying through protest

    Hong Kong has been in a state of protest for months, ever since a controversial extradition bill was proposed by its government. Seeing thousands marching in the streets, police tear gassing crowds and roads blocked by protesters have all become commonplace. For a brief period of time, the demonstrators even took over Hong Kong International Airport.   Georgia State A Georgia State student studying abroad in Hong Kong spoke with The Signal. They requested to [...]
  • Man killed at One12 after confrontation with security guard

    Reemi Codling turned 25 the night his friend was killed. But calling 24-year-old Deionte Davis his friend isn’t something Codling would do; instead, he’d call him his brother. On Oct. 27, Davis, who is not a Georgia State student, was staying at the on-campus apartment complex One12 Courtland with his friend, Georgia State student Ronald Myers. The friends had been drinking to celebrate Codling’s birthday, who was on his way separately to pick Davis up. [...]
  • Your GSUPD report analysis: Breaking down 59 pages of crime stats and safety initiatives into one

    2018 saw the highest number of crimes reported at Georgia State in at least three years. Nearly 250 drug arrests and 80 drug law violations were recorded last year by the Georgia State University Police Department, according to their newly released 2019 Annual Safety Net Campus Security and Fire Safety Reports. Both those numbers are up over 30% compared to 2017. Drug arrests in particular have increased close to 300% since 2016, due in large [...]
  • Warning: your Quizlet answers are in danger of being removed because faculty want to change textbook policies

    Students generally rely on two resources to get through the courses in which they’re enrolled: textbooks and Google. The University Senate Faculty Affairs Committee is developing two policies that will affect both to some degree in responses to problems seen at Georgia State and other schools around the nation. “In the case of these two proposals, the faculty wants to ensure the integrity of the learning environment, such as ethically sound textbook adoption, ensuring student [...]
  • Killer Mike and his political views: gun rights to Bernie Sanders

    Michael Render, better known as Killer Mike, is known to some as a talented and respected musician and to others as a political organizer and advocate. But whether through his activism or messages in his music, he aims to improve the political and economic climate for younger generations to come.  Render supports a broad range of policies, such as “responsible gun ownership” and “compassionate capitalism,” generally considered right wing, while also passionately supporting Bernie Sanders [...]
  • SGA meeting divided between two campuses

    Conflict broke out at the Oct. 17 university-wide Student Government Association meeting, escalating the conflict from the previous meeting. At the Sept. 19 university-wide meeting, Decatur campus senators presented a bill that would rotate the location of the university-wide meetings through all the campuses, instead of the Atlanta campus serving as the sole host. After the bill failed in the vote at the last meeting, senators from across all six campuses chose to participate in [...]
  • The diversity dilemma: Georgia State’s solution to improve faculty diversity

    The majority of Georgia State’s students are people of color; however, as reported last year by The Signal, this contrasts with the diversity within the faculty, which is predominantly white. But, since the last reporting, Georgia State has begun a new initiative to address these concerns. “Faculty equity, engagement and diversity will always be very important to the university,” Provost Wendy Hensel said. Back in November 2017, Georgia State University President Mark Becker and former [...]
  • Georgia State Representative Billy Mitchell to introduce ‘Fair Pay for Play’ legislation in 2020

    Georgia State Rep. Billy Mitchell announced today that he will introduce legislation when the house reconvenes in January 2020. If passed, it would allow collegiate athletes in the state to profit off their names and likenesses. “With this legislation, Georgia hereby joins a rapidly growing number of states that have filed similar legislation, or are in the process of doing so, including Florida, New York, South Carolina and Minnesota,” Mitchell said in a blog post [...]
  • A look into Georgia State’s Community Connections program

    Connections with others are what establish and maintain communities, and the Multicultural Center at Georgia State is working to do their part by creating the Community Connections program. “[The initiative will] facilitate diversity and cultural competency education on Georgia State’s campus,” LaToya Harden, the student affairs advisor at the Multicultural Center, said.  “[The program will provide] an opportunity for students to connect with each other, meet university faculty and staff and community partners,” the Multicultural [...]
  • You can’t rain on our Pride Parade. How Georgia State celebrates Atlanta Pride

    Rain poured and streets closed down on Oct. 13, as people gathered in Midtown for the 49th annual Atlanta Pride parade. Rather than the event being held in June for National LGBTQIQA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Questioning, Asexual) Pride Month, Atlanta hosts the parade in October to coincide with National Coming Out Day on Oct. 11. The Establishment for Queer Unity, Inclusion and Peace (EQUIP) is an organization that has existed on campus [...]