• Ever wished you could change a grade? You can — students share their experiences with the grade appeal process

    The effort towards straight As and a 4.0 grade point average always diminishes as the semester continues. Grade appealing and repeat to replace are two ways students can “fix” academic troubles many they come across as their educational adrenaline declines. The repeat-to-replace policy helps those who have retaken a class and want to have the first grade average they earned excluded from their official grade point average — but it will not be excluded from [...]
  • You’ve said farewell to Kell ­— here’s what’s next

    As the first semester wraps up, students and faculty alike can reminisce about the days of crowded corridors between classes and sounds of construction as one of the campus’s most iconic buildings ended its time at Georgia State. With blue curtains hiding what little remains of Kell Hall, students and those with their eyes on the project cannot help but wonder when the construction process will finally end. In May 2019, Vice President of the [...]
  • Two Young Democrats’ view on the party: Both feel a need for cultural change within the party

    On what’s typically viewed as a predominantly liberal campus, former President of the Georgia State Young Democrats Evan Malbrough is navigating the complex Democratic Party while working to excite student voters on campus at the same time. In contrast, Jaylan Scott is taking a state-wide approach, creating grassroots campaigns in local areas in Georgia, a state that some are beginning to view as a potential battleground for both Republicans and Democrats. Both of these leaders [...]
  • Trans student turns to social media for place to stay

    For Georgia State students, Dec. 17 officially marked the end of the fall 2019 semester. It symbolizes for many the beginning of a much-needed break from a stressful, but hopefully productive four months.  However, stress doesn’t dissolve for all students. Some have nowhere to go once the semester ends. This was the harsh reality for Noctis Jean Pierre, a 19-year-old freshman, who took to social media for help. Pierre is a Georgia resident and a [...]
  • Parker H. “Pete” Petit indicted on accounting fraud charges

    Parker H. “Pete” Petit, alumnus and multi-million-dollar donor to Georgia State, was indicted on accounting fraud charges last week Tuesday. The federal indictment comes on the heels of a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation that began in 2018 into Petit’s actions as CEO of Marietta-based healthcare products company MiMedx. According to an additional civil suit filed against Petit and two of his associates, MiMedx “engaged in a wide-ranging fraud designed to artificially inflate the company’s [...]
  • Celebrating International Education Week: The university’s take on culture, community and diversity

    Students rushed into Piedmont Central the week of Nov. 18 to taste and savor international food hosted by Panther Dining. From Monday to Thursday, students experimented with food from across the world, with international menus prepared by Georgia State chefs. Cuisine ranged from Mexico City to Beijing and New Delhi to Paris. This was all possible thanks to the joint initiatives between the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Education to celebrate global [...]
  • The researchers who travelled across the country: Why they came to Georgia State to study the brain

    First announced at a University Senate Meeting in the spring, Georgia State welcomed a group of researchers from both the University of New Mexico and the Mind Research Network, a non-profit imaging center. This fall, the two seperate research groups came together to work at Georgia State.  These new researchers now combined to work at the Center for Translational Research in Neuroimaging and Data Science (TReNDS), which is now located on the 18th floor of [...]
  • How the Student Activity Fee Council decides to allocate your “student activity fee”

    Over the past few years, there have been two notable line items on the Student Activity Fee Council allocation for essential services: $136,000 for esports beginning in fiscal year 2018 and $612,000 for marching band beginning in fiscal year 2017. Esports received $136,000 for their first year operating; but since then they’ve received the same amount for each new allocation.  Former Vice President of Student Affairs Douglass Covey was the person behind adding the marching [...]
  • Student starts his own safety escort service

    According to HuffPost News, missing black women and children are largely ignored, and the Black and Missing Foundation indicate nearly 40% of all missing people in the country are people of color. Jordan Perkins and his campus organization Peerless Perfexion have decided to take matters into their own hands by making sure students who need assistance getting to their destination at night have the help they need. “That’s really why I made the post; I [...]
  • Georgia State awaits new Dean of Students: Michael Sanseviro will take on his new position on Dec. 1

    Georgia State’s new Dean of Students Michael Sanseviro arrived to his new job on Dec. 1. As a graduate student from Georgia State in the 1990s, Sansevirohas spent the past 16 years working at Kennesaw State, serving as their Dean of Students.  “The opportunity to return to my alma mater at this unique point in history when [Georgia State] and [Georgia Perimeter College] have come together to create the largest university in Georgia is truly [...]
  • Blexit Atlanta: Why Black Americans are leaving the Democratic Party

    A majority black crowd of at least 500 people assembled in Buckhead Theatre in Trump merch and neon shirts that read “Liberals Can’t Bully Me!” for one reason: They are tired of the Democratic Party.  The event known as Blexit (a portmanteau of “black” and “exit” in the style of “Brexit”) was held on Nov. 11.  Public figures, including Terrance Williams, Tyler Moore, David Harris Jr., KingFace, Bishop Jackson and Candace Owens, spoke at the [...]
  • No. 2 most innovative: You’ve heard it before but here’s how Georgia State got there

    Georgia State has not wasted time showcasing that it was ranked No. 1 in teaching and No. 2 in innovation by U.S. News & World Report for 2019. The university spent about $318,000 on advertisements just to feature that achievement in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.  But what exactly do these rankings mean? To start, both of the rankings are determined on a survey of top presidents, provosts and admissions at colleges and universities across the [...]
  • The 1913 Society: Meet Georgia State’s presidential ambassadors

    Presidential Ambassador Jazmin Garcia, a member of the 1913 Society, stood outside of the double doors to Dahlberg Hall greeting attendees for the Veterans Recognition Ceremony on Nov. 7. She welcomed guests, checked them in and answered their questions. Established by the Office of the President, this student ambassador program allows undergraduate students to serve as official hosts and ambassadors for Georgia State. Members of the 1913 Society can be found greeting and ushering in [...]
  • A review of SGA’s legislative progress: Here’s what your campus reps have done for you

    More than 2,500 students voted in the 2019 Student Government Association election, launching 35 student-representatives into elected office. Now seven months into their terms — along with many new appointments to the Senate — it’s time to review their progress. You may wonder what your new representatives have been up to, what legislation they’ve passed and how they’ve represented your needs this fall semester. We have those answers, plus some self-analysis from the representatives themselves. [...]
  • Shay’na Fields’ move from SGA to Capitol Hill

    In April 2019, Shay’na Fields ran for president of the Student Government Association because she said she wanted to bring unity to all six campuses and defend the student body to the administration. “I still have ideas that are on the table that I would like to bring up,” Fields said in an interview with The Signal last March. “I’m here to be a servant leader and to bring the best out of them academically.”  [...]