• GSU Appoints New Interim Administrator Amid Restructuring

    Shortly after a series of presentations from three potential candidates to replace outgoing Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Risa Palm, Georgia State opted to select someone entirely separate from those candidates to serve temporarily. The university appointed Wendy F. Hensel, dean and professor of the College of Law since 2017, as interim provost, effective July 1. Hensel is a graduate of Michigan State University and Harvard Law School. Hensel clerked for U.S. [...]
  • The Great Debate at Georgia State

    Georgia State got to bleed both blue and red at the second annual Great Debate, hosted by political activism student organization Vote Everywhere GSU. The debate kicked off Monday evening between the Georgia State College Republicans and Young Democrats. Representing the Republicans were Enrique Pujals, Jalen Johnson and Peter Minetos, who also serves as the president for the College Republicans at Georgia State. On the other side of the aisle, Dontay Wimberly, Asher Tobey and [...]
  • First Latina SGA president wins by landslide

    The 90th administration for the Georgia State Student Government Association has been officially finalized. And although it will be led by familiar faces, it brings change to the history of the university’s student body leadership. Jazmin Mejia, a first-generation student, will be the first Latina SGA president in university history, and the first female university-wide president since consolidation between Georgia State and Georgia Perimeter. “Being the first Latina president. That means so much,” Mejia said. [...]
  • Anthony Jones ejected from presidential race for ethics violation

    Presidential candidate Anthony Jones was officially disqualified from the 2019 Student Government Association election Thursday morning. The SGA Election Commission delivered the verdict after hours of deliberation behind closed doors yesterday. The decision was made in response to an official election complaint filed Wednesday by student Shaquille Johnson in which Jones was accused of breaching campaign ethics rules. At the same time, The Signal published an article in which sitting Executive Vice President Aarjavi Patel [...]
  • SGA Vice President: Jones tried to pay for my vote

    In an exclusive interview with The Signal Monday afternoon, sitting Executive Vice President Aarjavi Patel alleged that presidential candidate Anthony Jones bribed her for her vote. Jones — who is poised to face Jazmin Mejia in a Student Government Association runoff election tomorrow — declined to comment on the allegations despite a now-active investigation launched by Chief Election Commissioner Jessica Siemer. For months, “Money Man Ant,” the pseudonym used by Jones on GroupMe, had shared [...]
  • Combining Latinx and student communities for the 2020 Atlanta Census campaign

    “All of my fellow students, young people, Latinx community members: Start posting, tweeting, get the word out that the 2020 census is coming and that you need to be a part of it.” These words came from the steps of the City Hall in Atlanta and from the mouth of Peter Pimentel, a Georgia State student and community navigator for Welcoming Atlanta, the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs. Pimentel urged the 129,000 students living in [...]
  • Mejia and Jones enter runoff presidential election

    Georgia State students no longer have five presidential candidates to choose from, only two: Jazmin Mejia and Anthony Jones. After weeks of tabling and talking to students in Library Plaza, hanging posters in the halls of Student Center East and trying to prove their worth, both candidates will be headed to a runoff. This second election was triggered because none of the candidates in this year’s Student Government Association election received 51 percent of the [...]
  • The 2019 SGA Debates: a de facto Speaker and a diverse race

    The Signal hosted the 2019 Student Government Association debates on Tuesday, March 12. That same night, Atlanta Sen. Kaelen Thomas became the next speaker of the Atlanta Senate. Thomas had been running for the position against his competitor Averyona Walters. But, when she arrived over 30 minutes late to the scheduled debate, she was disqualified from the race. Walters appealed the election commission’s decision to the Student Judicial Board and had a hearing on March [...]
  • Conversations with presidential candidates: Anthony Jones

    A former speaker of the Atlanta campus senate is looking to get students to A.C.H.I.E.V.E. with him as president. Anthony Jones’ campaign for SGA’s presidency uses that acronym to simplify his platform and inspire students to join him in accomplishing his policies. “Each letter stands for something different. The ‘A’ is for adapt. I want us to be able to achieve and innovate. You know, we’re the No. 2 most innovative school in the country [...]
  • Conversations with presidential candidates: Ira Livnat

    He’s a freshman who has already taken up the mantle of a leader by being CEO of PantherHackers, but does Ira Livnat have what it takes to lead the student body? He certainly thinks so. “I lead by example,” Livnat said. When asked about his lack of experience in SGA, he said that he didn’t see a problem with it and that it could actually act in favor of him if he were to win. [...]
  • Conversations with presidential candidates: Jazmin Mejia

    “I do feel like no one knows what student government is doing or what it is. I feel like student government is really only known for having free blue books,” Jazmin Mejia said. Mejia is a candidate for president in the upcoming SGA elections of the 90th administration. An outline of who she is and who the other candidates are is available in a resource from The Signal  – but for a deeper look into her [...]
  • Conversations with presidential candidates: Shay’na Fields

    How do you unify a school that is made of commuters and has six campuses? This is the question SGA presidential candidate Shay’na Fields hopes to tackle in her term. Her answer? “We have to find the differences and link them,” Fields said. “Establishing a commonality … bridging the gap between organizations that may do the same thing or have the same initiatives, [but] they just don’t know each other.” Fields said that students on [...]
  • Conversations with presidential candidates: Nashbi Grand-Jean

    Nashbi Grand-Jean said it was “more of a spiritual calling” that lead him to pursue the office of SGA president. The junior Resident Assistant was inspired by former SGA President Fortune Onwuzuruike, who told him about the position. “He was one of the first people who told me, ‘Hey, you know it’s something to consider. You know your senior year, your junior year, to run as president,” he said. With four other candidates vying for [...]
  • University plans to expand staff and space in Counseling Center

    Recently, The Signal published an article detailing the growing student demand for counseling services at Georgia State and the counseling center’s struggles to meet those demands. Since the publication of that article, Georgia State officials Jill Lee-Barber, senior director of Psychological and Health services, and Allison Calhoun-Brown, interim vice president of Student Affairs, have met to discuss how to meet the growing needs of the Counseling and Testing Center. Here’s what they want students to [...]
  • Republican group tempts closeted conservatives with political action

    Peter Minetos, chair of College Republicans at Georgia State, hosted a set a of speakers at the Curve Center to enact grassroots movement among the Georgia State student body. Trey Kelley, representing District 16 and currently the youngest House Majority Whip, and Chad Williams-Owens, the 14-year-old Executive Director of the Black Conservative movement spoke. Minetos initiated the meeting with volunteer options with prominent Georgia politicians, such as Stewart Bragg, the Georgia Director at the Republican [...]