• A Glance at the Down Ballot

    While the Governor and Senate races have gathered a lot of media attention, the down-ballot races also affect the lives of Georgians. Down-ballot races tend to not share this attention. Make no mistake, these races, and the ratio of Democrats to Republicans elected into office will affect Georgians and the laws passed for years to come. Here are two of the many down-ballot races to keep an eye out for.  Secretary of State:  Georgia.gov states [...]
  • Local restaurant vandalized with antisemitic message

    Eight numbers. Eight numbers scribbled down on the chalkboard of Sensational Subs sent fraternities Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Epsilon Pi and the school’s administration into a frenzy.  On September 28th, members of AEPi were alerted to a message written on the sandwich shop’s board. It had most likely been written the prior day at a time when dozens of greek life members meet at the establishment. When members of the Jewish fraternity went to the [...]
  • Staying Safe on Campus

    September is Campus Safety month at GSU. Throughout September, events and workshops were organized for students centered around how to be safe on campus. The month was concluded with the Campus Safety Carnival on the 27th. Multiple departments and partners of GSU set up booths in Hurt Park and provided students with pamphlets and materials on how to be safe on campus. These booths shared  information on important topics like how to pack an emergency [...]
  • Georgia State University Takes on Constitution Week

    With midterms rearing its head and eyes on Georgia, Georgia State University decided to bring politics into its conversation with Constitution Week.  Constitution Week extends outside the confines of the university. In 1952, Congress asked the president to set aside the third week of September for “Constitution Week.” While Congress wasn’t pulling the strings at GSU, the Social Action Alliance and the Student Government Association organized the week’s events.  The main event was WABE’s live [...]
  • Your University Has A Lot To Offer

    Students very rarely get their money’s worth out of their college tuition. It’s a common struggle between all of us.  Students spend thousands of dollars in fees and tuition each year, yet often don’t realize how many services they have access to. These services are unadvertised to students, therefore often go unused. With the amount of money students are spending to attend GSU, they may as well take full advantage of what the school has [...]
  • Student Government officially has a new EVP

    Ira Livnat was confirmed as the 93rd Executive Vice President of SGA on Thursday, September 15th, but he had already been fulfilling the duties of the position for over a month.  When the former EVP of SGA Devi Patel unceremoniously resigned earlier this semester, the line of succession would have named Speaker of the Atlanta Senate Jordan Madden as EVP. However, Madden decided against assuming the position and instead recommended Livnat who was at the [...]
  • SGA election results are in, a runoff could ensue

    After campaigning, debates and voting, the 2022-23 SGA elections have ended in some controversy at the top of the ballot. The presidential race between Anthonio Prince, Ira Livnat and Kirsten McManus, and the Speaker of the Senate race between Jordan Madden, Tanjanae Walker and Qayla Shipp may be going to a runoff based on new information.  In the first round of votes, Prince was leading the race with 316 votes, 49.5% of the total vote.  [...]
  • Blue lights come to the panther blue campus

    Police called on tardy students: On Mar. 30, two students at the Newton perimeter campus were late to class. Their professor called campus police on the two students in response to this.  Against what the professor may have hoped for, the students did not receive any disciplinary action against them.  The professor has since been removed from teaching in-person classes. While the students faced no unjust disciplinary action from the professor or campus police, this [...]
  • Worker solidarity comes to Amazon

    On Apr. 1, Amazon warehouse JFK 8 on Staten Island tallied the final votes from their recent union election. The union won with 70% of the vote. This victory for the workers at JFK 8 is a historic moment in the realm of labor movements of the 21st century. The union involved in this election is one created by Amazon workers. Christian Smalls started it at the beginning of the pandemic to combat what he [...]
  • Student Government Association Debates

    On Tuesday night, 2022-23 Student Government hopefuls gathered on stage to debate topics ranging from accessibility of the Student Government Association (SGA) to campus safety and inclusion of international, commuter and Perimeter-campus students. The debate included three Speaker of the Senate candidates, one uncontested Executive Vice President and three President hopefuls of varying experience moderated by Panther Report News Director Melissa Perez and The Signal Editor-in-Chief Deena Kayyali. Speaker of the Senate: Jordan Madden is [...]
  • Student Government Association; a year in review

    The 2022 student government elections are just around the corner. As we students get ready to vote for who will represent us in the coming year, it is essential to look back and see what SGA has accomplished in the past 365 days. SGA began this year with a change of scenery.  Over the summer of 2021, SGA moved into a new office on the second floor of Student Center West alongside GSU student media.  [...]
  • Lia Thomas’s win sparks massive controversy over trans athletes in women’s sports

    Lia Thomas made history last week as the first transgender athlete to win an NCAA Division I swimming championship. The fifth-year senior won the 500m freestyle title in Atlanta with a season-best time of 4:33.24. A month ago, Thomas won her third Ivy league swimming championship and set multiple Ivy league records. Thomas is at the center of controversy despite her win, as many questioned whether she should have been allowed to compete in the [...]
  • War in Ukraine reaches dangerous new stage

    The war in Ukraine continues for the 5th week. While on the surface it seems as though the fighting has stalled, these coming weeks could be the most precarious of Russia’s month-long invasion.  Of the forces Russia amassed at the Ukrainian border before the invasion, 100% have been committed to the battle. Russia has not supplied more resources to this conflict in a significant way.  A combined effort from Ukraine’s military and the citizenry has [...]
  • Meme stock frenzy leads to racketeering probe

    Following the January 2021 “meme stock” explosion of retail investors, significant hedge funds have been under investigation by the Security Exchange Commission and Department of Justice for violating the RICO Act.  The government subpoenaed over 30 Investment and research companies that have short positions on symbols $GME (GameStop), $AMC (AMC Theaters), $BBBY (Bed Bath and Beyond) and $SNDL (Sundial Growers) for racketeering charges.  Institutions Such As Citadel, Robinhood, Citron Research, MelvinCapital and Muddy Waters are [...]
  • Lawmakers propose new LGBTQ bill

    Georgia’s proposed bill would prohibit teachers from discussing sexual orientation and gender identity with their students. 10 Republican Senators have spearheaded the Common Humanity in Private Education Act, which they presented to the Georgia Senate.  It states that “No Private or nonpublic school or program shall promote, compel or encourage classroom discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity in primary grade levels or in a manner that is not appropriate for the age and developmental [...]