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Finding Intimacy Post-Pandemic

April 26, 2022 Jordan Arnow 0

With the start of the pandemic, people were forced to shift their entire lives online. From family get togethers to work meetings to comedy shows, the internet became the new social space. While ‘essential’ workers […]

Arts & Living

“The Witch Queen” is Fantastic

March 22, 2022 Garet Wehs 0

“The Witch Queen” is the latest expansion released for “Destiny 2,” and many consider it the best expansion in the franchise’s history. While it may not have the overall significance or legacy to the series […]

Arts & Living

Wordle: A modern word game

February 22, 2022 Cole Podany 0

When Josh Wardle released his new word game Wordle in October, he had no idea how big the game would become. Over four months, Wardle’s site grew from under 100 users to almost half a […]

Arts & Living

What’s the deal with NFTs?

February 1, 2022 Cole Podany 0

Twenty years ago, art collectors may have scoffed at the idea of buying an art piece that they could never touch, see or experience in person. Many blockchain enthusiasts and artists believe the rising popularity […]

Technology Reviews

DEATHLOOP and the thrill of repetition

October 12, 2021 Desmond Leake 0

It has been a quiet year for games due to COVID-19 delaying the industry’s production cycle. As a result, many companies have put triple-A games on hold. In a sea of delayed games, “DEATHLOOP” sticks […]

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