The Signal is
the student voice of Georgia State.
The Signal is the student voice of Georgia State.

Our Mission Statement

The Signal shall provide, in a fair and accurate manner, news of interest and significance to the Georgia State University community and serve as a forum for the expression of ideas of members of that community. Furthermore, The Signal shall provide an opportunity for students to pursue experience within a professional newspaper environment. The Signal shall also provide truthful and ethical advertising of interest to the Georgia State University community.


The deadline for all print advertising is 5 p.m. on the Tuesday prior to the desired issue of publication. Advertisements must be print-ready and in PDF format; files must be delivered via email to Please visit our Advertising page for more information regarding digital advertising, rates and accepted payment methods.

Coverage Requests

Requests for coverage and tips should be submitted to the Editor in Chief and/or the relevant section editor. For breaking news, email us directly at or contact us on Twitter and Facebook.

Other Services

The Signal offers photography services for $299.99 per photo session per person. Please contact Unique Rodriguez, photo editor for The Signal, to set up a session.

Submit a Letter to the Editor

Letters must be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief via email and must include the text of the letter in the body of the message. Letters should be 400-500 words maximum. The Signal will allow longer letters but only in rare circumstances. Letters must include the full name(s) of the writer(s) and include their year and major. If the writer is a faculty member, they must include their title and department. Letters will be fact-checked prior to publication. The writer may be obligated to make changes to the letter for publication. Letters will be edited for grammar, clarity, length, factual accuracy and adherence to Signal policy. The Signal reserves the right to modify and/or reject letters at the discretion of the editorial staff.


Opinions and Letters to the Editor expressed in The Signal are the opinions of the writers and readers. They do not reflect the opinions of The Signal. Opinions expressed in Editorials are the opinions of the Editorial Board.

Our Staff

Signal Office

Suite 250, Student Center West
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Phone: (404) 413-1620
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Daniel Varitek, (404) 413-1617
Digital Editor
William Holley
News Editor
William Solomons
Production Designer
Devin Phillips
Opinions Editor
Shari Celestine
Arts & Living Editor
Sydney Bloeme
Sports Editor
Jerell Rushin
Photography Editor (Atlanta)
Unique Rodriguez
Video Editor
Julian Pineda
Copy Editor
Associate Digital Editor
Associate News Editor
Ada Wood
Associate Designer
Associate Arts & Living Editor
Associate Sports Editor
Joshua Fife
Marketing Manager
Taylor Dudley
Promotions Associate
Advertising Coordinator
Wakesha Henley
Associate Video Editor
Jaye DePrince
Faculty Advisor
Bryce McNeil