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  • Establishing new TReNDS in brain research

    Dr. Calhoun and Dr. Turner promote collaborative research
    Dr. Vince Calhoun, a future Georgia State professor and world-renowned expert in brain imaging and analysis, has been appointed as founding director of the Center for Translational Research in Neuroimaging and Data Science (TReNDS) at Georgia State. TReNDS is a tri-institutional merge between Georgia State, Georgia Tech and Emory University. Calhoun thinks the future of TReNDS will allow researchers to work across departments in order to better understand the brain. “I envision TReNDS being a [...]
  • GSUPD admits call boxes inoperable for years

    By William Solomons,
    Blue call boxes with their glowing lights dot Georgia State’s downtown campus, ready to contact the Georgia State University Police Department (GSUPD) with a push of a button. At least, that’s what they would do if they were fully functioning. Tour guides and orientation leaders tell prospective students that call boxes are an essential aspect of safety that the university provides. However, according to GSUPD Chief Joseph Spillane, students should not rely on the call boxes to work at all and they’ve even put signs on the boxes stating that. “I think there’s only one or two of them working [...]



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    By Demetri Burke
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  • This Atlanta cemetery is definitively haunted

    This Atlanta cemetery is definitively haunted

    October 19, 2018 0
    Since 1850, Oakland Cemetery has served as an architectural manifestation of Atlanta’s complex and contentious past, containing within its grounds not just the bodies of Atlanta’s dead but also their lives and legacies. Originally named Atlanta Graveyard, Oakland was first purchased to accommodate Atlanta’s growing population of 2,500 people. It was initially only six acres and occupied a small portion of land southeast of the city. The cemetery’s Victorian architectural style is inspired by the [...]
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