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While you were away: The day that changed WRAS 88.5 FM

WRAS managers Alayna Fabricus (right) and Alex Jackson (left) discuss the semester’s reduced schedule due to GPB’s use of the analog station from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day. Photo by Allyson...


Panthers Win! Georgia State defeats Abilene Christian 38-37

The college football season kicked into high gear Wednesday night at the Georgia Dome. Georgia State football kicked off the 2014 season with a thrilling 38-37 win against Abilene Christian behind a...


Karma to Burn’s “Arch Stanton” rekindles the stoner rock love

Score: 7/10 Following up two ponderous, unsuccessful records has to make for an interesting time in the studio. On the one hand, it may be tempting to simply refine the same approach in hopes that...