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  • Who is Furquan Stafford?

    The honorary degree nominee alleges racist practices.
    Two months ago, GSTV released a Panther Report on an individual they claimed was a doctorate student and Georgia State’s No. 1 fan. That same person was set to receive Georgia State’s President’s Volunteer Service Award yesterday, honoring students with exemplary community service. But Furquan Stafford isn’t a doctorate student. He’s not a Georgia State student at all. Now, he’s claiming he’s in pursuit of an honorary doctorate degree from Georgia State, but that Georgia [...]
  • Development projects become a point of contention amongst Atlanta leaders and residents

    By Brenna Hilby,
    In the past decade, Atlanta has become all-too-familiar with the presence of large-scale urban development. The recent announcements of two significant development projects, a new pedestrian bridge and a MARTA extension have both urban planners and city leaders abuzz. The pedestrian bridge connecting Vine City to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium is a $23 million project that, according to contractor Georgia Bridge & Concrete’s website, “is designed to improve interconnectivity between the Westside neighborhood, downtown Atlanta and MARTA,” and is being constructed in coordination with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), MARTA, the City of Atlanta, Georgia World Congress Center, and the [...]



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    By Evan Stamps
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  • Dorm-friendly Gardening

    Dorm-friendly Gardening

    April 20, 2018 0
    A dorm room, pallid and as personal as a rental car. The college apartment, a frenetic, messy crash. Many students are so overwhelmed with classes, they don’t put thoughtful effort into their environment. But a little effort can go a long way towards more comfortable surroundings. Enter: Plants. A pop of color, air freshener, a calming ritual and RA approved too. Plants in your living space can add so much. FOR THE FORGETFUL Caring for [...]
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