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  • Student jumps from Piedmont North balcony

    GSUPD says student smoked synthetic marijuana, then jumped
    A Georgia State student jumped off a fifth floor balcony Wednesday night, according to eye witness reports and Georgia State University Police Department Chief of Police Joseph Spillane. The female student jumped from a Piedmont North balcony after smoking synthetic marijuana. “We do have a student that apparently smoked some synthetic marijuana called spice and she jumped off the fifth floor balcony and landed and we transported her to Grady hospital,” Spillane said. “She’s still [...]
  • Georgia State student among 4 Americans killed in ISIS suicide bomb attack

    By Ada Wood,
    On Wednesday, Jan. 16, a suicide bomb attack in Syria took the lives of 14 irreplaceable people. Ghadir Taher, a former Georgia State student, was one of the four American lives lost. Taher, 27, studied international business at the university but this was only one piece of her story. Taher was born in Damascus, Syria and immigrated to the U.S. when she was a child in 2001, alongside her parents and her brother, Ali Taher. Itzay Francl is a friend of Taher and met her at Tri-Cities High School. She said Taher was hard-working and enjoyed being involved in school, [...]



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    By Demetri Burke
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