Top five stories this past week!

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Top five stories from last week


Israel and Palestine conflict erupts, turning the Gaza Strip into a warzone.

Historic conflict in Israel heightens after unprecedented attack from militant group Hamas. The entire world is divided between support for Israel and support for Palestine, opening a wound that has been bleeding for decades. As it currently stands, the Gaza Strip has been blockaded as Israel retaliates against the Hamas attack. Casualties rise to the thousands on both sides, Israeli and Palestinian, innocent and combatants. 

GSU has seen multiple protests on campus supporting both sides. Many groups, primarily Dissenters at Georgia State University, have called for Georgia State to divest from the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange program. As the situation continues to develop The Signal is committed to reporting unbiased and accurate information. More will come in the next week.


Homecoming at GSU!

A lively week at the Atlanta Campus comes with homecoming as parades, concerts, and other activities roll out during the week.

On Thursday, October 12th, the homecoming parade drove through the Atlanta campus, showing off students, staff, and alumni in true Panther fashion. Student organizations got to decorate golf carts and show off their Panther pride, starting and ending on Gilmer Street.

The official homecoming concert was held on Thursday, featuring Georgia State exclusive concerts from Key Glock, Boston Richey and Sevyn Streeter in the convocation center. 

On Friday, the NPHC Step Show commenced as we watched the Divine Nine battle for the title of 2023 Homecoming Step Show champion!

On Saturday, The Georgia State Football team triumphed over Marshall 41-24 for our homecoming game, starting the season with a phenomenal record of 5-1. 

Congratulations to the Homecoming Court of 2023!


Pride Atlanta holds its annual parade and marches through the city!

On October 14th and 15th, the annual Pride Atlanta Festival took place in the heart of midtown to attract over 100,000 people. Saturday held three marches, the annual Trans march, the annual Bi and Pan march and the annual Dyke march. Atlanta Pride holds these marches and their parade to empower, celebrate and promote the visibility of all groups of people. If you want more information on Atlanta Pride and the events they hold, be sure to visit their website at


Jim Jordan rejected in the first round of votes for Speaker of the House.

Representative Jim Jordan faced rejection in the first round of voting for House speaker on Tuesday, with 20 Republicans withholding their support. The vote delay has left the House in a standstill as Jordan attempts to secure backing from GOP colleagues. 

Many Republicans view the Ohio congressman as too extreme for the influential position of House speaker, sparking a battle for the gavel. This follows two weeks of Republican infighting after the ousting of Kevin McCarthy. 

Jordan expressed confidence in doing better in subsequent rounds, but the day ended without further votes. The next round of voting is expected to be on Wednesday.


Prosecutors seek to recharge Alec Baldwin in the ‘Rust’ movie shooting.

Special prosecutors set to push for the recharging of Alec Baldwin in the tragic shooting on the set of the movie “Rust,” leading to the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injury to director Joel Souza. 

Baldwin has maintained his lack of responsibility, asserting that he pulled the gun’s hammer but not the trigger.

Five months ago, prosecutors dropped involuntary manslaughter charges due to concerns about the gun’s potential modification and malfunction. However, new gun analysis has prompted a renewed effort to present a criminal case against Baldwin, aiming for a New Mexico Grand Jury decision. Attorneys argue that recent revelations justify the need for a criminal trial.