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Nichole Place is constantly crafting and is an avid re-decorator. Not only does she have a love of bright colors and patterns but she also is a pug fanatic. Nichole is the writer of the Lifestyle column and the creator of Sunshine-Somedays, a lifestyle blog. *Opinions on personal websites are of the author and not The Signal*
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Clean up your digital life

March 3, 2015 Nichole Place 0

We live in an era where you can share so many parts of your life the world with the simple press of a button. The one downfall to the wonderful world of web using is […]

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Pajamas are not real clothes!

February 21, 2015 Nichole Place 0

It is not hard to dress nicely. We are now in college, where we should not only take our school work seriously but also our appearance. No one wants to respect someone in Tweety Bird […]


Being a tourist in our own home

February 18, 2015 Nichole Place 0

Most people living in Atlanta take the surroundings for granted. We rarely see what exciting things are in front of us. And when outsiders gawk, we shrug our shoulders and keep walking forward. With spring […]

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Take a bite

February 17, 2015 Nichole Place 0

From fast food to wine and dine restaurants, Atlanta is crawling with burger places. But the burger market is no longer just for meat lovers; some places are now serving alternatives to the classic food […]

Arts & Living

Knee-deep in boredom

January 29, 2015 Nichole Place 0

We live in the smaller city that never sleeps — the Big Peach — and yet we always run out of things to do. We get stuck in the same old weekend rut of homework, […]

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