Knee-deep in boredom

We live in the smaller city that never sleeps — the Big Peach — and yet we always run out of things to do. We get stuck in the same old weekend rut of homework, TV and “recreational activities.” Luckily, Hotlanta is constantly popping with new and untraditional places to go and people to see. So this weekend, get off your Cheetos dust-covered couch and try something new.

1. Jeni’s Splendid Ice cream
It should be unlawful to not like ice cream. What senator do I need to talk to about making this official? And since you should never break the law, I guess you have to go out for ice cream. Even though you can pick it up at the nearest gas station why not make it an ice cream adventure? Jeni’s Ice cream is a shop that has traditional and unique ice cream flavors. On a normal weekend would you ever try sweet cream biscuits and peach jam or wild berry lavender ice cream? I’ll answer that for you: No, you wouldn’t. So go on and be adventurous; try not only ice cream that is outside of the box but also from somewhere that doesn’t also sell car oil and lunchables.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream locations:
1198 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30318 (Westside Provisions)
99 Krog Street Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia 30307 (Krog Street Market)
545 North McDonough St. Decatur, Georgia 30030 (Decatur Square)

2. The Avalon
American Threads, Anthropologie, J.Crew, Free People, Columbia. If reading those few words didn’t make your wallet scream with excitement then you might need to get your life in order. The Avalon is a new outdoor shopping plaza in Alpharetta. Not only are there amazing places to shop, but there are also several restaurant including Marlow’s Tavern, Bocado Burger and more. And if you haven’t spent enough money shopping and eating you can also pick up some groceries at Whole Foods Market; because nothing goes better with a shopping bag then a grocery store bag. Not only is the Avalon a great place to shop but there is also a Regal Cinemas movie theater, so you can catch the newest film. Why spend your weekend driving around to these different places when you can get all that you’re looking for at The Avalon?

Avalon location:
2200 Avalon Blvd, Alpharetta, GA 30009

Wearing dresses is not everyone’s cup of tea. But watching men sing and dance in dresses should be everyone’s. LIPS is a drag show and dinner in Atlanta. This is the most out of the box experience that everyone should see at least once. Why would you want to sit at home when you can eat dinner and party with some of the most fabulous men in town? We are in college in one of the most diverse cities, for crying out loud. This is the time to go out and experience things you don’t get to see or do every Joe shmoe day. I will warn everyone that this show is fairly crude, but if your little baby ears can’t take it, then I suggest staying home.

LIPS locations:
3011 Buford Hwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30329

We are no longer in sixth grade getting rides from our parents. As college students we get the opportunity to spend our weekends exploring. So I will ask you: Do you really want to stay in your no-fun-rut anymore?