Washed, Wrung and Broke As S#!T

Unless you are a sassy 13 year old, you have probably learned by now that money does not grow on trees. With all of the money being sucked out of our pockets there is rarely any left over to allow us to spend it on the clothes that are falling apart. We are forced to make the clothes given to us over the holidays last until the next giving season rolls around. So here are a few tips to save your ruined clothes and your wallets.

Yellow Pits: Everyone sweats; it is gross but true. And no matter how much clinical strength deodorant you layer on, chances are you will end up with horrifying yellow stains on your white shirts. An easy fix for this is scrubbing the stains with a mixture of water and lemon juice or water and baking soda.

Smelly and 21: Washing clothes is hard. You have to get up and do stuff when you could easily not do anything at all. Unfortunately, after going a while without using a washer and dryer your clothes start to reek. So, for everyone who is 21 grab a bottle of Vodka and a spray bottle. The vodka will kill odor causing bacteria and take the smell away as it dries.

Greased up, but not the good kind: Grease is hard to avoid when eating most of the time. With pizza, burgers and all kinds of fried foods there is no escaping the high chance of getting grease stains that seem impossible to remove. Luckily, with just a dab of dish soap and a good rub the stain will easily disappear.

Stuck: We have all had our fight with the zipper from hell. It’ll either keep you out of your favorite clothes or keep you in. To save yourself from the hassle of a stuck zipper use a little petroleum jelly to unstick it. The jelly will act as a lubricant for your zipper. You can also try olive oil or a bar of soap.

Fuzz balls: It’s sweater season everyone! Which means it is also the season of buying tons of lint rollers that don’t work, losing them and then buying more. So, instead of wasting money on sticky paper try using your razor to shave off those pesky fuzz balls, trust me they are a lot more aggravating than actual hair.

Lip stain: For all the girls who rock lip stick and all the guys sneaking around, here is a tip to help get rid of lipstick stains. Try to use hair spray on the spot and then wash the clothing item.

Wash and ruin: Many times I am way too scared of ruining my clothes by washing them. Whether it is a shirt shrinking or colors running the washer and dryer are held responsible. So it is always important to read the washing label on the tag to avoid ruining your new clothes.

Just because money doesn’t grow on trees, doesn’t mean you always have to have an empty wallet. Save your clothes from being ruined and spend your precious earnings on something else.