My love: I’m not wasting money on flower

Valentine’s Day, the day of love, also known as single person self-pity day ­— it is the one day out of the year where you take one of the body’s most vital organs and slap a price tag on it. It is a chance to be as corny and mushy or angry and depressed as you want. But what if you don’t want to fit the cookie cutter mold of this Hallmark holiday? Here is a little guide to make it through this Valentine’s Day without being straight out of a romantic comedy.

The committed couple

rosesBeing in love is tricky, but being in love while trying to live up to “The Notebook” standards is nearly impossible. This Valentine’s Day, instead of filling up the pockets of corporate robots, try making this holiday more personal. Nothing about a store bought cardboard box full of chocolates says that you really care so, maybe learn how to make candy. Then once you’ve burnt it, tell your significant other you tried to make it. If they get mad that you don’t have a real gift for them, maybe you should rethink your love. But in all seriousness, handmade gifts are a great way to show that you really care. You could even build them a blanket fort to watch movies in or play video games or do the dirty. It’s really your call.

The new couple

I really hope Valentine’s Day isn’t awkward for you. I mean, it’s hard when you start a relationship too close to the holiday of love. And if you haven’t taken your relationship to the next level – I mean by saying ‘I love you,’ then aren’t you really just friends that hold hands? The pressure of this holiday can make things pretty awkward. So, instead of trying to make your love seem everlasting when you’re really unsure of where it’s going, don’t make the day all about love. You could go on a date to the zoo or somewhere really public to take the focus off of being head over heels for each other.

Single Ladies

I know this time of the year is hard, but it’ll be okay, I promise. But I want you to know that you do not have to be the Debbie downer portrayed in movies; you are allowed to have a great time too. Gather all of your single friends and have a party! Get giant pounds of candy, classic comedies and the best take out you can find. You could also have a fun gift exchange with your friends. You don’t have to wait for the love of your life to buy you a gift. As Charlotte York once said “Maybe we can be each other’s soul mates. And then we can let men be just these great, nice guys to have fun with.”

Single Males

Hey, look at the bright side: Your wallet will stay full this year! We all know you don’t care that much.

The Matchmaker

This is your time to shine! I know you have been waiting all year for this day because so have I. This is the perfect day to set up friends. And nothing works better than a good old “Parent Trap” scheme. Trust me.
Valentine’s Day is not a day that should be feared. So what if you don’t have the same expectations as every Nicholas Sparks book? You are allowed to do your own thing. Whether its chalky heart candies or deep fried burritos, it is a chance to show different people how you care. Happy Valentine’s Day!