Lifestyle Column: Don’t tell me what to do

I have never considered myself to be a strong, hairy-legged feminist; I honestly don’t think any of those exist in the world. But I do strongly believe in equal rights and treatment of both men and women, as should any right minded person. I recently read an article titled “Waiting and Responding: the Role of Women in Dating.” The author, Sophie McDonald, explained that if a girl likes a guy she is supposed to sit around for him to make the move.

I want to make it clear that I am a strong believer in fairy tales and men acting like gentlemen — and you don’t earn that title just because you have a penis by the way. But I also feel that women are allowed to make whatever moves on a guy she wants. Plus, guys don’t always get the subtle hints and waiting by the phone gets pretty boring after a while. As I was reading McDonald’s article there were several points (and I basically mean the whole thing) she made that I disagreed with.

1. Adam and Eve

In this article she talks about how everything went awry when Eve “took matters into her own hands.” Her reasoning being that Eve ate the forbidden apple and convinced Adam to also. So that means sin being let into the world is her fault?

I just have one more question. Did she even read that story in the Bible? Eve was deceived by the serpent, not Adam. The author also makes it sound as though she tricked Adam into eating the apple which she did not 1 Timothy 2:14.

I don’t want to make this a religious thing, but if you allude to something, make sure you understand the story.

2. The Glory of Womanhood

The author says, “If you initiate, you’re missing the glory of womanhood.” So does that mean if I try to talk to a guy I’ll no longer get my period or something?

If she honestly thinks that the glory of womanhood is sitting around hoping that possibly, maybe, one day the guy you’re interested in will like or even notice you, then she has a misconception of the world.

Men are not mind readers. Women are not mind readers. If no one makes the first move, then you will both be miserable and alone.

3. Not Made to Pursue

The author says in this article that women are not made to pursue men, and we should “embrace that freedom.” I mean, I’m all about being lazy, but honestly the waiting game is tiring. And frankly, the stress could make someone’s hair fall out. Sitting around does not get the job done and I would much rather be in charge anyways.

Relationships are tricky and are different for everyone. But why should women sit around hoping that the guy will make the move? It puts too much pressure on them and makes life a little less fun. The waiting game is like the three day rule before calling someone back: Dumb, pointless and extremely overrated.