Pajamas are not real clothes!

Illustration by Emily Lasher | The Signal

It is not hard to dress nicely. We are now in college, where we should not only take our school work seriously but also our appearance. No one wants to respect someone in Tweety Bird pajama pants and an old sports shirt. Yet, we find it so hard to gather the strength to take a few extra minutes to put on actual clothes.
So instead, I suggest finding a compromise between comfy and appropriate. Here are just a few ways to compromise and to know what is absolutely not appropriate.

1. Pants

Pajama pants are not real pants. Plain and simple. It may be in the name but I promise you it’s a ruse. There is only one exception to wearing pajama pants in public and that is if you are deathly ill and are running to the store for medicine that will save your life. Any reason other than that is unacceptable.

Instead, try wearing jeggings. And no I do not mean leggings that are painted to look like jeans; I mean actual jeggings. You can get them at places like American Eagle and Abercrombie. The few extra bucks spent on them is worth looking nice while feeling like you are still wearing pajamas.

2. Tops

I am not telling you that you can’t wear a shirt that explicitly says something about sleep on it, I’m just saying you can’t wear it in public. No one cares if you got enough sleep or not; it’s hard to hear, but it’s the truth. If the rest of the world can put up a front about not being tired, then you can put on a shirt you didn’t buy in the nightgown section.

Finding nice shirts is not hard. You can literally just look in any section other than pajama and exercise wear. And there is no need to fight this rule; no one is forcing you to wear a sweater made out of Brillo Pads; we are just asking you to wear something that isn’t covered is drool. If you absolutely have to wear a looser shirt, then try sprucing it up with some accessories.

3. Shoes

Just because something goes over your foot and has a hard bottom does not mean that it is a shoe. Put the UGGS and boots that look like you’re wearing dogs away! Here is a little tip: If there is fur or they feel like slippers, then they are slippers! End of story.

4. Accessories

Not every outfit needs to be decked out in bracelets, necklaces and scarfs, but it doesn’t hurt to throw on a little somethin’ somethin.’ When an outfit is a little too plain or looking a little too undone a necklace or scarf can tie it together nicely. However, be cautious; one accessory too many can leave you looking like a walking rack from Charming Charlie’s.
Dressing nice does not mean always wearing a suit and tie; it just means not looking like you just rolled out of bed. Wearing appropriate clothes doesn’t have to be like feeding a toddler cherry cold-medicine. All you need is the right pair of stretchy jeans and you’re on your way.