A night spent in the living room with the Grammys

cupcakeAward shows are nights full of judgment and jealousy. They are the few nights out of the year when you become a fashion expert, movie critic, a musicologist, and yes, that is a real thing. It’s a chance to gather around the TV with friends and become a very unknown version of “Fashion Police.” This year, instead of enjoying the Grammys and other award shows with a bag of stale cereal, make a night out of it and throw a Grammy Party!

1. Food

This year, don’t eat your chips out of the bag. Instead, throw them into a bowl. It’s not a big change, but a little bit of effort can make all the difference. You can also decorate a table specifically for snacks by covering it with cut out music notes and gold paper. As a dessert, try making glitter cupcakes.

2. Decorations

When decorating, balloons are a must. They are the best distraction during commercials and categories that you don’t care about. Instead of buying boring plain balloons, try painting the bottom half of a white balloon gold for something different. Another way to spice up a room is writing out music lyrics from nominated songs and hanging them on the walls.

How To make Glitter Cupcakes
The first thing you do to make these is pick your favorite kind of cupcake (mine personally comes from a box).
Once they are baked and iced, it is time to make the gold glitter.
Take ¼ cup of regular sugar and ½ teaspoon of food coloring.
Mix them together and lay them on a baking sheet–bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.
Voilà, edible glitter. You’re welcome.

3. photo booth

Yes, they are overdone, but yes, they are still fun. The great thing about a photo booth is that you can make any props you want to go with it. You can go for the classic mustache and kissing lips or you can make it your own. Try making your props fit the theme by creating a paper cutout of Ed Sheeran’s fiery hair or Pharrell’s hat — you know the one. For the background you can make cutout flashes from printer paper and cover them with glitter; this way, it looks like you’re standing in front of really fake paparazzi.

4. voting ballots

My friends and I always have strong opinions of who should win what categories. So instead of trying to tone down the competitiveness, enhance it. Make voting ballots. To make them, take a piece of printer paper and cut it into fourths. You can use crafting scissors to make the edges wavy. Then put the name of the category at the top and list all of the nominees underneath it. All that’s left is to hand out the ballots; I suggest before the show starts and see who picks the most winners. But no one really wins anything other than the feeling of being the best guesser.

Award show nights are supposed to be full of excitement and judgment. However, they should also be full of parties. So try throwing your own party! It’s basically the same thing you do every year, only more food, more fun and more people to yell at the TV with.

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