Take a bite


Photo by Marc Valle | The Signal

From fast food to wine and dine restaurants, Atlanta is crawling with burger places. But the burger market is no longer just for meat lovers; some places are now serving alternatives to the classic food staple. And no matter what ingredients go into the burger, everyone is claiming they have Atlanta’s best burgers. So, where are people supposed to start the hunt? Here are just a few outstanding burger places that can be found in Atlanta.

Q: What about your burgers make people come back?

Burger Joint
Grindhouse Killer Burgers
Owner: Alex Broustein
Favorite Menu Item: Grindhouse Style burger, 50/50 fries and onion rings
209 Edgewood Ave., Atlanta, Georgia 30303
1842 Piedmont Ave. Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia 30324

Grindhouse: “I think we hit the sweet spot between being delicious and affordable with a lot of variety.”

Burger Fi: “Our burgers have no hormones or anti-bodies. It is just Black Angus grass fed. The Flavor is just unbelievable.”

Loaded Burger: “The value and the wow factor. You can go any place and get a cardboard burger. No one has a lot of the toppings that we do.”

Grub Burger: “Number one — our quality. We bake our buns fresh in-house and we are also grinding our meat in-house. Really just putting some love into it.”


Q: What does your restaurant have to offer besides great food?

Burger Fi
Owner: Michael Diamond
Favorite menu Item: Quinoa Burger, fries and onion rings.
2844 South Main Street Kennesaw, Georgia 30144
1520 Avenue Place Suite B-140 Atlanta, Georgia 30329
One CNN Center Plaza Northwest Atlanta, Georgia 30303
77 12th St. Northeast Atlanta, Georgia 30309

Favorite Menu Item: Grindhouse Style burger, 50/50 fries and onion rings

Grindhouse: “Well we serve great milkshakes also and we have a bar at our piedmont road and Athens locations. We also have a great staff plus a cool sci-fi vibe and entertaining retro movies playing.”

Burger Fi:  “We have great atmosphere. We have an open kitchen and recycled furniture. [We have] the environment, the people and great staff.”

Loaded Burger: “It’s a great experience. People love that they can see us prepare their food! It’s like an open kitchen with full flexibility to customize to our clients’ needs. It’s not often you order directly with the chef!”

Grub Burger: “Even though we are a fast, casual dining establishment, we still have a level of hospitality.”


Q: If you had to describe your restaurant in one word, what would it be and why?

The Loaded Burger (food truck)
Owner: Michael Renner
Favorite Menu Item: Second Amendment

Locations: You can follow where the Loaded Burger will be next at http://www.theloadedburger.com/

Grindhouse:  “Entertaining. Because that’s what we are.”

Burger Fi: “Exciting. Reason being is right when you first walk in you hear the music and smell all of the food. When people come and get their tray, we’re supposed to explain it to them but they are just ready to go and eat.”

Loaded Burger: “Loaded. It’s loaded all the time. Loaded and ready to go.”

Grub Burger: “Eclectic. We’re very unique and versatile and diverse in our atmosphere and our menus. We’re a little quirky and we kind of want our people to be the same way.”


Q: How often do you add new items to the menu?

Grub Burger Bar
Owner: Crystal Waters
Favorite Menu Item: Guacapotle (all beef) and Jive Turkey (don’t moo)
Locations: 2955 Cobb Parkway Southeast, Suite 820, Atlanta, Georgia 30339
2470 Briarcliff Road, Suite 47, Atlanta, Georgia 30329

Grindhouse: “Almost never.”

Burger Fi: “We don’t. This is a pretty standard menu here.”

Loaded Burger: “I have a jump drive with 100 or more menus for different events or times of the year. We always update because a lot of ingredients aren’t in season.”

Grub Burger: “Not too often. We do have our market that we run by monthly. It’ll be something really creative; last month was the lamb burger. We have a macaroni and cheese burger, a pizza burger. They are all kind of cool and unique.”


Q: How do you decide what burgers are menu worthy?

Grindhouse: “We never really change our menu. The burger styles on our menu are just combinations we felt represented the best variety. But really we encourage you to design your own burger.”

Burger Fi: “That is done in Florida and what they did was take a little bit of everything. We went with the all-natural burger which is a pretty great trend. We rotate out a lot of different stuff. We try to keep things that people like.”

Loaded Burger: “R and D. Research and Development. You are looking at different recipes and what’s trending. And again what products are available.”

Grub Burger: “We have a chef on our team, Cliff Whight; he really is the creator, the genius behind a lot of the new market burgers.”


Q: What makes your restaurant more competitive or better than other burger restaurants?

Grindhouse: “Pretty much all of the answers above. Also having great locations.”

Burger Fi: “The misconception is that this is fast food. This is a quick serve restaurant but at the same time we prep everything fresh in the back. We hand brand our buns and we carry all local beers. It’s something we really pride ourselves on.”

Loaded Burger: “Our ability to be mobile. We are able  participate in various community events, large festivals and private catering on any given day. It allows us to have a great reach in our customer base.”

Grub Burger: “I think the fact that number one, a full bar. That definitely attracts a certain crowd. On top of that we are serving great quality food at a reasonable price.”

Grease covered hands are a college student specialty. Burgers are a staple for many people; they are cheap, easy and are hard to mess up.  From grass-fed to real grass, burgers are filling up Atlanta’s streets.  And with so many great options, the burger hunt never has to end.