Hijabis don’t need to be saved

November 12, 2019 Digital Editor 0

To put it bluntly, the white feminist movement has always excluded women of color. The voices of women of color are continuously pushed to the side as white feminists paint the narrative of what does […]

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Music Midtown 2019: Photo Collage

September 20, 2019 Digital Editor 0

Music Midtown 2019: Photo Collage Dancing, overpriced food and outfits from Urban Outfitters sum up this year’s Music Midtown festival pretty well. Piedmont Park was packed with music fans of all genres this past weekend […]

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“Homemade” Canned Chili

September 10, 2019 Digital Editor 0

Fall is approaching! This simple recipe is a perfect weeknight meal as it can be made in under an hour. It’s also great to feed a group of friends, or eat throughout the week because […]

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Baked & Spicy Box Mac and Cheese

September 2, 2019 Digital Editor 0

Baked & Spicy Box Mac and Cheese Feeds ~5 people Want to impress your friends with Gordon Ramsey approved flavors on a college-student budget? This easy macaroni and cheese recipe comes with a twist that […]

Brownie cookies with powdered sugar
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Chocolate Welcome Cookies

August 26, 2019 Digital Editor 0

What’s a better “dorm-warming” present for your new suitemates than homemade cookies? These simple treats are a great way to kick off the fall semester. The only equipment required is a mixer, a bowl, a […]

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