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“Homemade” Canned Chili

September 10, 2019 Digital Editor 0

Fall is approaching! This simple recipe is a perfect weeknight meal as it can be made in under an hour. It’s also great to feed a group of friends, or eat throughout the week because […]

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Baked & Spicy Box Mac and Cheese

September 2, 2019 Digital Editor 0

Baked & Spicy Box Mac and Cheese Feeds ~5 people Want to impress your friends with Gordon Ramsey approved flavors on a college-student budget? This easy macaroni and cheese recipe comes with a twist that […]

Brownie cookies with powdered sugar
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Chocolate Welcome Cookies

August 26, 2019 Digital Editor 0

What’s a better “dorm-warming” present for your new suitemates than homemade cookies? These simple treats are a great way to kick off the fall semester. The only equipment required is a mixer, a bowl, a […]

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