Letter: Georgia Tech frat “far from what the nation now thinks”

Dear Editor,

A few days ago, a news article was brought to my attention regarding a raunchy fraternity e-mail. Usually I do not pay much attention to “things frat boys do,” but this left me in complete shock.

I personally know the boys from Phi Kappa Tau at Georgia Tech, and these boys are far from what the nation now thinks of them. To be completely honest, these boys are shy, awkward, and are probably one of the last fraternities to ever grab a girl’s attention. Nothing written in that e-mail is something that they actually abide by. 99.9% of them cannot even complete the second E (Engage) of the “7 E’s of Hooking Up.” I have been to several different fraternity parties at Georgia Tech and I feel the most safe at Phi Kappa Tau. Never have I, or any of my friends, ever been taken advantage of. Unless it is consensual, these boys treat girls with utmost respect.

Standing up for people who either harm women or have intentions of harming women is something that I will never do. However, here I am trying to regain respect back for these harmless boys. I agree that what they did was shameful and immature. But, we all make mistakes and we all say things we do not mean.

Cindy Vong
Managerial Science/Marketing