Kill the hype!

October 9, 2012 Hunter Bishop 0

You know what my least favorite thing about sports is? Hype. I mean, seriously. We take these games, hype them up to disproportionately high levels, and then act surprised when they don’t live up to […]



October 9, 2012 Miles Keenlyside 0

At his State of the University speech last Wednesday, President Mark Becker shoveled out the praise for the apparently “excellent” progress across “all aspects” of the university’s mission. Our benevolent leader lauded numerous accolades the […]


Stop walking in the street

October 2, 2012 Miles Keenlyside 0

We’ve all seen the hordes of students crossing the streets on Georgia State campus, and whether you’re on a bike, in a car, or walking, chances are that you’ve had to stop dead in your […]


Why the elevators need bouncers

October 2, 2012 Kevin Maloney 0

You know those people who hop onto your elevator even though everyone is already crammed in there? Then the weight limit alarm goes off, but that one dude who just got on still won’t get […]


Have a voice, help the Arts

October 2, 2012 James McDougald 0

We need to hold the arts of the Southeast to a higher standard.  American Literature and Music are from the South, after all.  From roots to blues to jazz to rock-a-billy to rock ‘n’ roll, […]

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