Fall isn’t just for football

By James McDougald | Columnist

It’s nearing autumn; you can even feel it outside. The world’s got a bit of a bite, now, hasn’t it? This is when Atlanta turns on. This is when we get the new things, the nice things. I’m a fan of autumn and you should be as well. So let’s find something for you to do on the long march toward finals. You need to go out and do things. Hang out with friends, laugh, drink and maybe get into a fight. 

7 stages is running “Dracula the Rock Opera” for one more weekend. It’s fun and gory and the music’s brilliant! Plus it’s written and performed by a host of local talent. The Alliance is running the new Pearl Cleage, “What I learned in Paris”; Ms. Cleage is another Atlanta author, and it promises to be inspiring and hopeful. The Collective Project Inc. opens their new show at the Goat Farm on the 13th. “The Devil Tree” promises to be something you’ve never seen before. It’s produced, performed and written by local people (myself included).

Project Flux was this past weekend—did you check it out? Local visual and performing artists overran Castleberry Hills. It’s always a blast. The High begins its new exhibit “Fast Forward” on Oct. 13. It encompasses the past 100 hundred years of modern masters presented to you, Atlantans. So many things are happening; take advantage of the new season. A cursory search on Google will introduce you to all of the events available in the city.

So what are you interested in? What do you feel like giving a go? As a Georgia State student you can get discount tickets to so many places. Please look around. The work gets better as more money is brought in. More options start appearing as the audience grows. You really have no excuse—many of these events are cheaper than a movie, and you’re allowed to talk in galleries.

We’re two weeks away from the Little 5 Points Halloween parade and that is always nuts! Music, food and drink specials will be up and down Euclid and Moreland. Local haunted houses will open soon as well. See? Isn’t autumn the best? It’s got Halloween.

So, go out and do something. You really haven’t got an option now. You have been informed and you can find the means and ability. Atlanta has so much to offer, which so often gets overlooked or forgotten. Plus the traffic to and from these events is so light compared to getting into and out of a stadium. So, happy fall; do something grand before the days get cold.

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