Editorial 3-12-13

March 12, 2013 Miles Keenlyside 0

  Since the Newtown shooting, the issue of gun control has been a hot button issue for many states. While most states have their sights set on further restrictions on gun use, Georgia has made […]


Letters to the Editor (2/14/13)

February 14, 2013 Miles Keenlyside 0

Editor’s note: This letter to the editor was written in response to “GSU, why skip Dragon*Con”, an article authored by Jaira Burke, a staff columnist hired by The Signal. The Editorial board at The Signal […]


Equal but different

December 3, 2012 Miles Keenlyside 0

Sometimes it’s the things that make us different are what end up making us the same Dr. Geert deVries of Georgia State’s Neuroscience Institute is conducting research on hormonal differences between male and female brain […]


Copy Corner Report Card

December 2, 2012 Miles Keenlyside 0

Cost: B +   For students who are in a pinch and need something printed, the Copy Corner in Kell Hall is a good place to go. The Copy Corner offers a variety of sorts […]


Report Card – PantherExpress

November 11, 2012 Miles Keenlyside 1

PantherExpress Report Card   Cost: C   At a whopping 6.9 percent of your mandatory student fees, you are paying more for this shuttle service than you do for the library. Gas guzzling PantherExpress buses […]


Report Card – Academic Advisement

November 11, 2012 Miles Keenlyside 0

Report Card Academic Advisement   Cost: B Academic advisement for students at Georgia State is a walk-in service at Georgia State that is covered by your student fees. You won’t be expected to pay anything […]


Editorial 11/6

November 6, 2012 Miles Keenlyside 0

On Tuesday, Oct. 30, several individuals removed hundreds of copies of The Signal from our stand outside the University Bookstore. As of press time, one of the individuals, Riley Gillison, came forward to say he […]


Library Report Card

October 28, 2012 Miles Keenlyside 0

Cost: A –               With student library fees clocking in at 5.3 percent of mandatory fees, the library has a wide range of research tools to offer students. Beyond just offering traditional book checkout, […]

Campus News

Protesters march on detention center

October 22, 2012 Miles Keenlyside 0

In solidarity with the National Day of Protest to End Police Brutality, protesters gathered in Woodruff Park to march to the Atlanta City Detention Center for a demonstration on Oct. 22. Multiple organizations attended the […]

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