Smoking Ban Revisited

February 14, 2013 James McDougald 0

Back in October I discussed a proposed campus wide smoking ban.  I described it with derision.  It was a silly idea then, and one that has come into an impotent effect.  Surprise, surprise I hadn’t […]


Your umbrella is an obstruction

February 5, 2013 James McDougald 0

Your umbrella is an obstruction.  The footpaths and the sidewalks, the doorframes and the stairs outside are too thin for your umbrella.  I’m certainly happy you all made it through the storm, pity we looked […]


Poetry: “I don’t get it”

January 26, 2013 James McDougald 0

So it’s Tuesday night and I’m watching the inauguration.  I’m watching clips from the inauguration on Youtube, like you do.  I don’t have cable and many people were telling me about the clever things Jon […]


2012 Retrospective

January 17, 2013 James McDougald 0

Since the New Year began the great Binder of Science has ruled once and for all Global Warming is a very real thing.  Since the New Year began the NRA and Joe Biden, the Vice […]


The Case For Christmas

December 4, 2012 James McDougald 0

Of Christmas, I am a fan. The food, the better parts of family, the season in general. I know what you’re thinking; it involves lots of mumbling and snarky, guttural sounds forming the expression “consumerism.” […]


Post Election

November 11, 2012 James McDougald 0

I’m writing this essay on November 6, 2012.  It’s two hours before the polls close and, barring any Floridian subterfuge, about six hours before America finds out what she’s getting for the next four years.  […]


It’s Not a Trap

November 6, 2012 James McDougald 0

On May 25, 1977 a little b-movie swept the cultural zeitgeist of America and the world.  The tie-dyed, bell-bottomed masses had never seen anything like the adventure of a young farm boy called Luke and […]


The Zed Word

October 28, 2012 James McDougald 0

Last week I made passing reference to my disinterest in the ongoing zombie craze.  I received a number of complaints from friends.  More complaints than the time I said I would not be voting in […]


Why I’m quitting politics

October 19, 2012 James McDougald 0

I consider myself informed if not well read by way of current events.  I have some understanding of our economic situation, the ongoing wars in the Middle East, and a general idea of how human […]

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