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Her own way

February 5, 2013 Emma Dickerson 0

The internal conflict between choosing a practical profession or mastering and making a living from a passion is a social pressure worth exploring. In Dr. Kris Acheson Klair’s case she found a way to do […]

Arts & Living

Bootcamp with Bethany

January 23, 2013 Emma Dickerson 0

Bootcamp,” as intense as it sounds, includes cardio, strength training, and muscle toning; using body bars, yoga balls, and bands all incorporated into a high energy, fun workout. This week I attended Bethany’s 50-minute bootcamp […]

Campus News

A look back at Norma Rae

November 13, 2012 Emma Dickerson 1

The story of Crystal Lee Sutton, the real life “Norma Rae,” reveals how cultural change in the 1960s and 1970s created an economic shift for working class women in the South. Ph.D. candidate Joey Fink […]

Arts & Living

Featureless Ghost

October 26, 2012 Emma Dickerson 0

Every Thursday, the Georgia State courtyard comes alive with music blasting, student organizations making their presence known, and the diverse faces of the Georgia State population taking in the lax atmosphere for a short social […]

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