Arts & Living

Top 5 places to study on campus

September 19, 2023 Kawthar Alasaad 0

Georgia State’s campus holds a variety of people and places to study. A downtown campus can be overwhelming with the city’s noise and busy life, especially for freshmen and new students. This guide offers a […]

Campus News

Panther’s Pantry is here for you!

September 5, 2023 Romero Moura 0

Set to complete its 10th year on campus, Panther’s Pantry re-opened on the first day of classes, August 21st. Aiming to alleviate the burden of food insecurity among the Georgia State community, the pantry distributes […]


Leave Hawaii Alone

September 5, 2023 Maria Victoria Sponar 0

On August 8th, the town of Lahaina in Maui, Hawai’i, suffered its deadliest wildfire in over a century. The grievous effects of this natural disaster took miles of lush land and the lives of an […]

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