Copy Corner Report Card

Cost: B +


For students who are in a pinch and need something printed, the Copy Corner in Kell Hall is a good place to go. The Copy Corner offers a variety of sorts of printing, from legal documents to banners, but most students will benefit from printing the standard 8.5 x 11 sheets. You can get four pages printed for ~35 cents, which is a fair price to pay to avoid standing in line in the library. The Copy Corner accepts cash, Panthercash, and credit cards. Make sure you have enough material to be printed before you whip out the Visa, there is a credit card minimum.


Availability: B


The Copy Corner has implemented an online document service that allows you to upload documents to be printed from home. No more struggling with a USB drive or e-mailing yourself important documents when you can remotely send your paper to the Copy Corner and pick it up when you get to campus.


Convenience: B


The Copy Corner is located in the bottom floor of Kell Hall near the Peachtree Center St. entrance. If you know all the underground short cuts and passageways on campus, it’s a short walk. If you don’t, just ask, because Kell Hall is a labyrinth of half-floors and dead ends.


Services: A


The staff is friendly and helpful, and able to accommodate most of your printing needs. Need a huge stack of papers printed for class? They can do it. Need strange sized legal documents printed on extra long paper? The Copy Corner is your place to go. Need a banner for your event? Copy Corner’s got your back. Want a new poster for your dorm? You got it.


Overall Performance: Pass


The Copy Corner is a relatively cheap and easy way to get things printed on campus. For students who live nearby Georgia State and don’t have the time or ability to drive and get things printed, students can go to the Copy Corner for professional quality printed.