Report Card – Academic Advisement

Report Card

Academic Advisement


Cost: B

Academic advisement for students at Georgia State is a walk-in service at Georgia State that is covered by your student fees. You won’t be expected to pay anything when you walk in, which is a good thing. But sometimes you get what you pay for. The low cost of student advisement does not make up for the frustration that can come along with seeking advice on your major.


Availability: C –


Students will find getting advisement can be a long and frustrating process. Don’t even try to get them on the phone, because you’ll end up listening to the Georgia State jazz ensemble for longer than you’d like to. If you want to meet an adviser in person, the best option is to drop by the office while you are on campus and set up an appointment for a later date.


Convenience: C


            There are easy locations to find on campus and their online presence is good, but be prepared to stand in line when you eventually do get to the office. You have to understand that there are over 30,000 students here, and most of them have no idea what they want to do after college. That’s a lot of advisement, so be ready to wait your turn.


Services: B


            Once you do figure out how to access their services in person and online, there are plenty of good resources for a student who struggling with direction in their education. There are many lists and resources for students who can look up their interests and find a career that suits them. Make sure to take full advantage of the online resources at


Overall Performance:



With a school as big as Georgia State, giving out proper advisement to students can be a difficult task. However advisement here at Georgia State is automated enough that most of the students have access to resources that can help them find what they need. Make sure to go to the online resources at and use your academic evaluation on GSU PAWS to make yourself a roadmap to get closer to your degree.