Library Report Card

Cost: A –


            With student library fees clocking in at 5.3 percent of mandatory fees, the library has a wide range of research tools to offer students. Beyond just offering traditional book checkout, the library offers scores of reference material such as microfiche, online catalogs, magazines, newspapers and statistical records. If you take time to utilize of all of the reference material available, student fees are worth this research goldmine.


Availability: B


            Some students have petitioned for longer library hours, but the library does make an effort to cater to students’ study needs. With extended hours around the time of finals, students can cram in extra time studying. Students will also sometimes have difficulty locating books listed at “checked-in” because of the time it takes some books to get back to the shelves. In instances like this, students can file a book location request and be informed by e-mail when the book is found.


Convenience: B


            While the library has many floors and study rooms for students, some times during the semester things can get a little cramped. While there are a number of computers available for student use, the average student will have a difficult time finding an open console for schoolwork. Printing in the library can be a time consuming process, and is only best as a last minute option. To take full advantage of the library without the long waits, bring your own laptop and print your papers at home.


Services: A


            The student library offers a number of services to make your research time more productive. Students can access a number of professional journals online through JSTOR and other helpful research items through GALILEO. For assistance finding a book from home, try their online live chat with a librarian. Knowing exactly what you are looking for when you get there can streamline your library experience.


Overall performance: PASS


The Georgia State student library can be hectic at times, but it is still an indispensable resource for students. If you can find a quiet space to work, the online services and books available can help you get your work done quickly. Keep an eye on your backpack while you work. The library is a busy place and an unattended laptop can get “lost” very quickly!