Post Election

I’m writing this essay on November 6, 2012.  It’s two hours before the polls close and, barring any Floridian subterfuge, about six hours before America finds out what she’s getting for the next four years.  It could be more of the same or possibly more of the same with an added fringe bonus.  There’s electricity in the air.

The past two weeks have been as ugly and divided as I’d suspected.  Turning past CNN and watching them dissect the battleground states.  Listening to Sean Hannity open his stupid mouth on the radio.  These past weeks in the media have really justified my decision not to participate.  But something has happened I really wasn’t expecting.  Several people I’ve encountered have done well.

I am quite proud of you Georgia State.  Since my promising to quit politics article from three weeks ago, I have been stopped on the street, in classrooms and corridors and reminded to vote.  To participate.  This has come from Democrats and Republicans, libertarians and anarchists.  It has been eye opening.  Thank you.

Thank you for reminding me that people aren’t terrible.  Thank you for reminding me that with yelling on both sides of the aisle, with fanatics thriving, that you still have a say and you’re willing and you are willing to talk.  Everyone with a sensible party membership has asked me to participate, regardless of affiliation.  Why?  The unanimous answer was, “because it’s the right thing to do.”  The only holdout who agreed with my abstention was a lone communist, which I’m willing to bet was only for seditious purposes.

I’m shocked and so pleased.  Tomorrow morning, right or wrong, the country returns to business.  So, peel off your bumper sticker, but keep the fire in your gut; bonus points if your sticker was gone before parking at the polling center.  Don’t gloat; it’s not a fair fight when one side gets to say God’s on theirs.  Also, keep up the sense of duty.  Outside of a presidential election, you can help with a number of other important issues.  Your Facebook can discuss human trafficking, human rights, or any number of important things.  Everyone is against human trafficking right?  Everyone.  Keep the ball rolling for change.

Stay passionate; continue giving a damn.  Focus all of that energy for real change.  Bring awareness to the issues that are important, which will continue being important regardless of whom you voted for.  Education’s a good start.

*This part was written post Obama’s second win:

Maybe you’re glad, be glad.  But remember to keep going.  He had a decent two years before his time was dedicated fulltime to campaigning.  Maybe you’re upset, sure.  You didn’t get your way but please try to be kind about this, don’t be terrible and abrasive.  I’m very sorry your team didn’t win the series or bowl or whatever, but I think we can all agree the American people have a vested interest in the US not being torn apart.  In other words, you may love The Falcons and hate The Cowboys, but all the people in the stadium love football.

Perhaps I’m just being flippant, but the greatest problems we’re facing right now are simply not political ones. Please explain to me why someone shouldn’t be allowed healthcare.  Why consenting of age partners shouldn’t be allowed to marry.  The biggest problems at present are politicians who actively fight intelligence.  The people who stonewall discourse, who fight science, who mean to dictate what we believe and why we should believe it.  Open a dialogue hopefully people will continue to care.  But thank you Georgia State.  I’m glad people care.