The Case For Christmas

Of Christmas, I am a fan. The food, the better parts of family, the season in general. I know what you’re thinking; it involves lots of mumbling and snarky, guttural sounds forming the expression “consumerism.” This is because you are a cynic and can’t see the finer parts of the season. Christmas is about togetherness and, yes, cheer. Christmas is the last hoorah before the days get dark and short. A time for your family and the people you pick up along the way.

The gifts are nice and giving is grand, don’t give me wrong. But, Christmas is about something more and if you get hung up on someone wishing you a “Happy Holiday,” you’re missing a significant point. Christmas is about life in the worst of circumstances.

This is a time when people should generally not be terrible to one another. When we remember those less fortunate, and aim to put something better in the canned food bin than “Cream of Mushroom Soup.” Don’t freak out over “The War on Christmas.” This time of year is a celebration of genuine compassion and not immediately an extension of one’s believe system. Good will toward man, and all of that.

Support the good in Christmas. Support the endearing qualities of the human race. It’s winter soon, and we all know what it’s like to be cold. We all know what it’s like to be excluded. But with Christmas we have the ability to do well, not only for ourselves but also others. Remember this as we trudge through malls and department stores.

Happy Holidays. Be good to one another. If you try really hard you can tone out “Christmas Shoes,” arguably the worst most manipulative song ever written. Suffer through Monopoly with the family. Drink and stay warm with friends. Smile at people on the streets. I think you’ll find with even the most adamant of haters there’s something magical about this time of year. You can’t help but smile.