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Chris Shattuck is an award-winning media professional and graduate of Georgia State University. Chris spent four years as a reporter with The Signal, and as the paper's editor-in-chief from 2013-2014, Chris pioneered the expansion of the paper's coverage through a highly-successful daily online-first publishing strategy and marketing push. To contact him with job offers or story ideas, email him directly at cjshattuck@gmail.com
Letters from the Editor

Welcome to Georgia State

June 24, 2013 Chris Shattuck 2

Three years ago, I became a part of something that, at the time, I never imagined would become such an integral part of my life.


Student shot at Price Middle School

January 31, 2013 Chris Shattuck 0

UPDATE: Authorities have released additional details regarding how the shooter was arrested. Read here. A 14-year-old student at Price Middle School in Southeast Atlanta was shot Thursday afternoon and is being treated at Grady Hospital, according […]