Becoming Felicita Pineda

October 8, 2019 Bria Suggs 0

During her first performance in high school, she was so filled with anxiety that her voice trembled and all of the lyrics she had rehearsed slipped from her mind. The stage fright consumed her that […]

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Tyler The Creator owns the night

October 6, 2019 Bria Suggs 0

Tyler The Creator made a stop in Atlanta last night for a performance at State Farm Arena on his IGOR Tour.  Fans showed up to the concert in a wide array of fashionable outfits- some […]

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The source of panther pride

October 3, 2019 Bria Suggs 0

Tight back tucks, perfect formations, smooth transitions and engaging choreography are the heart of Georgia State’s school spirit. One group of athletes are responsible for lighting a spark of morale through the student body. The […]

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Creating a community around food

September 24, 2019 Bria Suggs 0

Most college students survive on a tight budget to pay for tuition, housing and other unavoidable expenses such as food. For some, that means living off of ramen noodles and pizza rolls. However, there are […]