The shea butter babies take over Variety Playhouse

Photos by Shel Levy | The Signal

Rising Dreamville artist Ari Lennox owned the Variety Playhouse stage on Monday night as a part of the Redbull Music Festival. The concert was a sold-out show, leaving the venue packed to capacity. Fans attended the concert rocking over-the-knee boots, faux fur vests, and natural hair pinappled into a puff- Ari Lennox’s signature look.

Ari Lennox kicked off her set with an apology to fans for being late because she had to run to Target for some false lashes which generated laughter from the crowd. She owned the stage in black over-the-knee boots, black leather mini-skirt and a black long-sleeved crop top all under her tan trench coat. 

She performed songs from her debut album Shea Butter Baby in front of a velvet couch surrounded by flowers. In between songs she made sure to interact with the crowd. Fans of Ari Lennox know that she’s a big fan of all things natural, and so she made sure to comment on the appearance of the audience.

“It’s black as f*** in here! It’s natural as f**** too! I love it,” Ari Lennox said.

Atlanta made sure to show the up and coming singer love, much to her appreciation. Ari Lennox said that the crowd there on Monday night was the best she had ever had.

“Atlanta I think you might be the f****** greatest of all time,” Ari Lennox said.

Fans thought she ended her set with hit single “Shea Butter Baby” which was a part of the soundtrack for the movie “Creed 2”. She walked off the stage and just when fans were starting to pack up to leave she came back as a surprise to truly end the night with “BMO”.

Ari Lennox’s silky-smooth vocals, blunt opinions, and humor made for a fun and well rounded night. The Redbull Music Festival has more concerts and events happening through the 14th.