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Watch out for this Resume App!

September 14, 2017 Editor-in-Chief 0

  The Be Excellent app intends to revitalize how students craft their resumes and push for career success. It’s set to launch at Georgia State this month. By integrating video components into student resumes, the […]

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Tips for new or returning students

December 7, 2016 Chante Foster 0

Going to a school like Georgia State can be overwhelming, especially during the first few weeks of a new semester. My journey began three years ago, as transfer student, and I had no clue what […]


Vox: Women and the White House

May 1, 2015 Nicole Motahari 0

Question: Do you feel that if a woman (of any political party) becomes president, it will change how other nations view the United States and if so, how? John Michael Powell Senior Political Science Major, […]

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