10 dollar Atlanta Hawks tickets available for students only

The GSU Sports Arena is home to the men's and women's basketball teams, volleyball team and future home of the sand volleyball team. Patrick Duffy | THE SIGNAL.

The NBA season is back and the Atlanta Hawks have a huge opportunity for Georgia State students.

“Hawks Pass is a ticket that can be as low as 10 dollars to go see the Atlanta Hawks play,” said Lauren Surillo.

Lauren Surillo is a senior here at Georgia State and a college ambassador for the Atlanta Hawks. Her job is to promote and help as many students as possible sign up for Hawks Pass on campus. The Hawks Pass also offers group ticket sales for groups and organizations on campus. So how are these tickets so cheap?

“These tickets come directly from the Hawks front office,” said Surillo. “You won’t see these ticket prices on Ticketmaster either. On games where they don’t sell enough tickets, they’ll reach out to everyone signed up for the Hawks Pass and offer these low prices.”

So how does one sign up for the Hawks Pass?

“Students can easily sign up by using the link GASTATE.hawkspass.com.” Said Surillo.

The experience has been great for Surillo. The Hawks have provided not only a chance to go to games incredibly cheap, but also have given students the opportunity to improve their marketing skills and career with the ambassador program.

“Marketing is something I would say is a problem at Georgia State,” said Surillo. “Being an Atlanta Hawks ambassador has allowed me to network with many people in the industry. I also never knew there were so many things out here for us GSU students to use, so helping other students become more marketable is something I’m definitely trying to do.”

So, if marketing is a career field you are interested, becoming a Hawks ambassador should be on your radar.

“If you want to be a Hawks Ambassador for next year, applications will become available around February,” said Surillo. “I applied in February, and I didn’t get the position until June. My advice to anyone interested in being a fellow ambassador next year is just to stay persistent.”

The applications go live in February, but until then you can register for Hawks Pass and attend some of these games. The Hawks wrapped up their five-game road trip to kick off the season, and hosted their home opener tonight against the Denver Nuggets. However, it’s not too late start catching games. MVP candidate, Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks come into town on Sunday.

The Hawks will be an interesting team to watch this year. They lost their face of the franchise, Paul Millsap, to Denver over the summer and traded Dwight Howard to Charlotte. They have a young team this season, and they look to be in rebuilding mode. Regardless of how good the team is, 10 dollars to watch NBA basketball is a bargain.