Why is the U.S. Treasury losing money

October 19, 2021 Gabby Miller 0

According to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, the federal government will likely run out of money around October 18th. This is a prediction people have been making for a while.  As the United States debt has […]


The Heartbeat Bill is unconstitutional

October 12, 2021 Gabby Miller 0

In 2019, a new bill came to Ohio, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina and Texas. This bill would prevent women from having abortions after the first six weeks. The Atlanta courts ruled this […]


The downfalls of cop city

September 28, 2021 Terrance Davis 0

On September 8, 2021, the Atlanta City Council approved the construction of an 85-acre police and fire training academy. Proponents of the bill made it in response to a recent surge in crime following the […]


Long Island to Buckhead

September 21, 2021 Trevor Kosloski 0

I used to do a lot of house sitting outside the perimeter. I hated it. You always encounter the same pallid cabinets, lacquer countertops and vinyl floors colored like the inside of your eyelids. Gleaming […]


Save our city from itself

August 31, 2021 Alyssia Hardge 0

Growing up, I was never the kid who willingly went outside to play. I always preferred to stay inside and read. However, one summer, I loved riding my bike. I used to think I was […]


The Year of the Panther: Mask Up

August 24, 2021 Alyssia Hardge 0

Students across the country have been in the shackles of online learning for the past year and a half, missing valuable experiences they might never get back. This upcoming fall semester will be the first […]

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