Sex in Today’s Society

Media influences others into thinking sex is a casual thing instead of something intimate. Photo by Brian Ach/WireImage (Sex and the City)

In today’s society, it is common to read about sex. 

So it is in movies, TV shows, books, and magazines. It is hard to go anywhere without looking at different exposés of a celebrities sex life. 

It is no secret that the media thrives on this kind of talk. Sex is something people feel a need to brag about even though it is  supposed to be intimate. 

The media puts unrealistic expectations regarding sex, especially when it is in movies and books. People often like to get lost in a character’s relationship. 

Whether it is out of boredom or if it is out of curiosity. Media gets to penetrative sex far too quickly than it does in reality.

Sure, people could often have a fling here or there, but it does not show a realistic situation when it comes to a fling. 

In movies, the casual fling ends up falling in love when in reality, falling in love over a one-time event does not happen. It starts giving people high expectations reagrding love and their sex life. 

Another thing that the media shows us that is too far out there is the fast pace when it comes to having sex with your partner. 

Usually, people start thinking about what the media says about sex and start rushing into things about having sex with their partners. Sex is not something you should rush. You should take your time with it, especially if you do not fully trust your partner.

These unrealistic expectations could make people feel inadequate when it comes to sex. This perception is based on what they see in the media. 

In the media, they take in every day that becomes a person’s new normal. 

So, when it comes to sex, they often refer to the media they are exposed to. If they cannot match what the media says, it can make people feel like they are not good enough.   

The media puts unrealistic expectations when it comes to sex. Society gets different opinions based on what type of media they are being exposed to. 

Sex is no different. Sex is constantly being thrown out onto different media websites, and it makes society have different opinions when it comes to sex. 

The media can put different expectations regarding sex, but it does not mean it is true.  

People in society start getting unrealistic expectations about sex depending on what type of media they are exposed to. 

One of the unrealistic expectations is that sex is only a casual thing. Most of the time, sex is exposed as something casual instead of something intimate. Because this is seen as something casual, many people get misconceptions about sex as a whole. 

A lot of the time, people use media as a type of sex education. This is terrible because most of the time, people read unreliable sources and take them as fact. 

This is harmful, especially to the young and impressionable. Kids go through a hormonal phase where talking about sex is an awkward topic to talk about with parents. So these kids would use the internet as their sex education. 

This is so bad because these kids will believe the first thing they read and take it as fact. This can create different misconceptions about a topic, and it can harm how they feel about sex.  

Sex is a standard topic the media uses to entertain people. It makes people have different opinions about sex. But how can someone differentiate facts from what they have seen in the media?