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Delta-8-THC’s complicated legal status

April 20, 2021 Cole Podany 0

Customers line up to achieve a disputably legal high from edibles, flower and vaping cartridges that line the counters of convenience stores, gas stations and specialty stores across Atlanta.  These products contain Delta-8-THC, a psychoactive […]

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Furry Weekend Atlanta goes digital

March 9, 2021 Cole Podany 0

Since 2004, thousands of anthropomorphic animal fans flock to Atlanta each year to participate in Furry Weekend Atlanta, the fourth-largest furry convention in the world.   The Atlanta Marriott Marquis’ lobby is eerily silent this year, […]

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Demystifying Depop: Handmade treasures

February 16, 2021 Cole Podany 0

Depop, a platform where people can buy and sell secondhand items, is remarkably similar to Instagram. Depop’s modern interface is a never-ending flood of edited photos that include colorful backgrounds, filters or bright stickers. Users […]

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Breaking free from the gender binary

February 2, 2021 Cole Podany 0

With a setting characterized by sororities and fraternities, hookups and competitive sports, gender defines every part of the college experience. America’s gendered culture makes navigating college uniquely challenging for those who identify as nonbinary. Nonbinary […]