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Atlanta’s E-scooter Controversy

November 9, 2021 Cole Podany 0

The city of Atlanta is infamous among Americans for its heavy traffic and ongoing issues with public transportation.  A 2019 study found that Atlanta ranks as one of the worst cities in the United States […]

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When memes aren’t funny

October 19, 2021 Cole Podany 0

Nowadays, anyone could type anything into Google, add “meme” to it, and discover an endless scroller full of modern jokes related to their topic of choice. This rule applies to everything from travel, adorable cats […]

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Top 5 Airbnb vacation rentals in Atlanta

September 27, 2021 Cole Podany 0

While most travelers opt to spend the night in a traditional hotel, Atlanta has many non-traditional offerings that ordinary tourists may not consider. Some of Atlanta’s best Airbnb stays provide lavish amenities with unforgettable experiences […]

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