The impact of black culture on campus life at Georgia State University

As we join together in recognizing and honoring Black History Month here at Georgia State University, it’s important to take a moment to fully appreciate the profound and significant influence that Black culture has on our daily campus life. This extends from our social activities to the realm of academics, and even into the diverse group of student organizations that we proudly host on our campus. The influence of Black culture is not only substantial and bright but also absolutely essential in contributing to the diversity that defines our community.

Our university campus is, in many ways, a microcosm of the larger world outside. It serves as a “melting pot” of a variety of cultures, an intersection of differing ideas and a collection of unique experiences. In this beautiful variety, Black culture shines brightly, significantly shaping multiple facets of the university experience. You can feel and see its impact on the campus culture. It is reflected in the literature that we delve into during our studies, offering us a glimpse into different perspectives and narratives. It’s evident in the fashion trends that add a splash of style and color to our campus, and It’s seen in lively discussions that push against usual thinking and promote learning.

In schools, the work done by Black scholars in many different fields is very important. What they teach us makes our understanding of many subjects better and more complete. This shows the great value that the work of Black scholars adds to our learning.

Beyond academics, the presence of Black culture is vibrantly felt in our student organizations. Clubs and societies dedicated to commemorating Black history, celebrating Black art and addressing community issues play an indispensable role in shaping the landscape of our university. These organizations offer vital platforms for students to express themselves, engage in meaningful dialogue and foster a sense of belonging. They contribute to creating a welcoming atmosphere where students can feel comfortable being themselves and can find a community that appreciates their unique experiences and backgrounds.

When we take the time to listen to the experiences of our Black students at GSU, a common sentiment often emerges. With the majority of Georgia State being predominantly black, many students express a comforting sense of belonging and acceptance. They value the spaces where they can feel comfortable in their skin and can fully express their identity.

For Black students at Georgia State University, there’s a tangible sense of belonging. They’re part of a community where many share similar backgrounds and life experiences, and this fosters an empowering environment.

Contributing to this feeling of belonging are the diverse opportunities the university provides. There are so many student organizations to choose from to either surround yourself with like-minded people or even groups to voice your opinions. For example, writing for ‘The Signal’, the student-run newspaper, gives students a platform to voice their thoughts, share their experiences, and engage in conversation on significant issues, including those affecting the Black community directly. Celebrating events like Black History Month provides an avenue to honor the contributions of, and acknowledge the struggles faced by the Black community. It’s a platform for students to express their pride and educate others about the culture.

The diversity of our campus is one of our greatest strengths. It fosters an environment of learning from one another, promoting personal growth and celebrating our collective experiences. This Black History Month, let’s take the time to truly celebrate the beauty, strength and resilience of Black culture. Let us acknowledge its profound impact on our campus life, and recognize its vital role in shaping the inclusive and thriving community that we all cherish and are proud to be a part of.