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Mitch is a senior finance major and student financial advisor. “My goal is to have more college students financially literate.” Leave your questions for him online at georgiastatesignal.com

Cheaters never win

April 19, 2015 Mitchell Oliver 0

Final sentencing for the 12 Atlan- ta Public School (APS) teach- ers who were tried in court for cheating on standardized tests was announced April 12. However, the jail time already came down swiftly back […]

Dollars and Sense with Mitch

Ethical Dilemmas in the Modern Age

March 6, 2015 Mitchell Oliver 0

Ringling Brothers/ Barnum & Bailey tout themselves as having “The Greatest Show on Earth.” While starry-eyed kids come to enjoy the spectacle and wonder of the circus we all grew up loving, the reality of […]

Dollars and Sense with Mitch

Making MARTA smarter

February 26, 2015 Mitchell Oliver 2

With the Atlanta Streetcar off to a decent start, hopeful city planners are thinking Atlanta residents are finally starting to ‘get’ the whole alternative city transportation thing. Getting people to understand the benefits of public […]

Dollars and Sense with Mitch

Table for one, please

February 10, 2015 Mitchell Oliver 0

Valentines Day is fast approaching as we all scramble to make plans. What’s worse is having to make the tough call between taking your girl out to Olive Garden or cooking at home. Of course […]

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