Omit the competition on the Internet

January 26, 2014 Cameron Washington 0

Net neutrality is essentially the idea of making a neutral playing field for competition between websites on the Internet. The issue has been brought to international concern as companies such as Google and Facebook have been able to […]


New faces in SGA

January 26, 2014 Cameron Washington 1

A new VP, recently passed bill, and fast-approaching election commission term will add new faces to Georgia State’s Student Government Association […]


Meet Ashley Uzamere, SGA VP

January 19, 2014 Cameron Washington 0

Ashley Uzamere is the newly appointed Executive Vice President of the Student Government Association at Georgia State. She is currently enrolled as Pre-med major within the College of Arts and Sciences; she hopes to eventually become a pediatric oncologist. She was kind enough to sit down with me on Thursday for an interview. […]


SGA announces new Executive VP

December 29, 2013 Cameron Washington 0

SGA representatives announced over this weekend that Ashley Uzamere will be nominated for the vacant position of Executive Vice President. Her confirmation as the newest member of Georgia State’s SGA will take place in front […]

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