Why I didn’t choose an online college

April 14, 2020 Bronson Tharpe 0

At the height of the dot-com bubble, many influential people in education thought that remote learning was going to be the next revolutionary invention. Twenty years later, it’s become increasingly apparent that online education is […]


Zillow dreams

March 24, 2020 Bronson Tharpe 0

I’ve always been a “real estate kid” of sorts. My parents have been in the industry for longer than I can remember, and some of the first lessons I learned were in land and property. […]


A different kind of homesick

March 3, 2020 Bronson Tharpe 0

The Chicago Botanical Gardens smelled horrifically bad one September morning in 2015, which is not the kind thing you’d expect from a place normally associated with the pleasant aroma of delicate flora. The putrid fragrance […]


The CS department is underfunded

February 25, 2020 Bronson Tharpe 0

Within the Computer Science Department classes are often taught by graduate students, or GTs as the university calls them. One such GT, as Georgia State calls them, told my entire class point-blank that she’d “rather […]