Centennial will cost Georgia State $350,000

January 15, 2013 Asia Thomas 1

Georgia State’s centennial is not just another campus event or celebration, but was planned by a committee to be a continuous year-long celebration that will involve numerous university-wide events and festivities, costing the university about […]


Georgia State tops list for sugar babies

January 14, 2013 Asia Thomas 0

Due to the constant rise of tuition and living expenses, usually college students turn to intimidating loans, scholarships, and parental assistance for financial help; however, other female students in the Southern region of the country […]


Fresh produce, fresh economy

January 10, 2013 Alec McQuade 0

On the urban campus of Georgia State University where grass is sparse and the trees are far and few between, microbiologist and professor George Pierce made a groundbreaking agricultural discovery that will keep fruits and […]


Equal but different

December 3, 2012 Miles Keenlyside 0

Sometimes it’s the things that make us different are what end up making us the same Dr. Geert deVries of Georgia State’s Neuroscience Institute is conducting research on hormonal differences between male and female brain […]


HIV/AIDS research expands at Georgia State

November 15, 2012 Alex Osiadacz 0

Increased research of HIV/AIDS’ contributions to the social, regional and scientific communities could be dramatic, especially here in Atlanta. The disease affects more than 40,000 Georgians. Leading HIV/AIDS research at Georgia State is Dr. Richard […]


University eliminates 110 jobs

November 8, 2012 Terah Boyd 0

  After Georgia State eliminated jobs to save money, 25 administrative workers are out of a job according to Andrea Jones of University Relations.  “There were 110 positions that were affected, 25 of those were […]

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