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Pile on the layers

January 29, 2013 Samantha Reardon 0

On freezing mornings I want to wear my big wrap coat, so I can leave my house feeling just as cozy as I did when I awoke. But as the day wears on the coat […]

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Oh, girl…

January 29, 2013 Raven Schley 0

Gather around peeps, I have stories to tell! Every day new things happen in the wonderful world of pop culture and I delight in them all. Here are my top three stories of the week: […]

Arts & Living

Panther at Large: Culture shock

January 16, 2013 Laura Apperson 0

Urban Dictionary defines “culture shock” as “the shock of moving from one culture to another often associated with laws, traditions, food, music and general lifestyle choices.” I think they left the most important factor out […]

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