Oh, girl…

Gather around peeps, I have stories to tell! Every day new things happen in the wonderful world of pop culture and I delight in them all. Here are my top three stories of the week:

Beyonce is still fulfilling her destiny, child

Recently Mrs. Knowles-Carter made headlines when she announced that Destiny’s Child, the group she was formerly a part of, would be making a come back in 2013. However, before you break out into a round of praise dances, please be informed that it is not a real come back. In a statement online Beyonce exclaimed,

“I am so proud to announce the first original Destiny’s Child music in eight years!”

Like many others, I was jumping off the walls when I saw this because Destiny’s Child was a huge part of my childhood. They, along with The Cheetah Girls, taught me everything I needed to know about being fierce and fabulous.

You can imagine my disappointment when I learned that the “new music” Beyonce claimed Destiny’s Child made, was in fact just a compilation of the group’s greatest hits. The only new addition is a song produced by Pharell Williams entitled “Nuclear,” but catch this…many fans are saying that they don’t even like it. At any rate, Destiny’s Child will be putting out the album of hits entitled “Love Songs” Jan. 29, 2013. Buy it if it piques your interest. As for me…I’ll pass.

In other Beyonce news, did you see this new GQ cover? Queen mother Bey is serving pure sex, and she wants every one of you to be mad about it… literally. Upon its arrival to newsstands, the cover has been receiving mixed reviews. Some think she looks great, while others feel like it was too much.

I think she could have done the photo shoot with a little more taste. A music artist of her stature does not have to go around exposing all the goods. Nudity is not the only way to be sexy, but hey…do whatever you want, girl.


Every Thursday, at 10 p.m., I am promptly in front of my T.V. waiting for “Scandal” to come on. The show is centered on Olivia Pope, who is known as the “fixer” of any problem that cannot be handled by the government.

Of course this often means going around the law to do so. However, as the show unfolds, it is clear that the scandals Pope helps take care of are child’s play compared to her own personal scandal that she lives with everyday.

I must say, Shonda Rhimes (the writer of the show) is really doing her thing. This show is one of the most talked about shows on T.V. I think it appeals to people so much because although it is a fictional series, it is loosely based on a real person. Also, it kind of makes people question the things that go on in the government in real life.

‘The Sisterhood’

AmItheonlyonewhoisnot here anymore for this “life of a housewife” thing on T.V.? Apparently so because more and more of these shows keep popping up, one of the newest being “The Sisterhood.” The show comes on TLC every Tuesday at 9 p.m. and it chronicles the lives of five preacher’s wives.

Now, while I see how this could potentially be very interesting, I do not understand the decision to create a show like this. Church in general can be a very controversial subject and I think that a show like this only adds fuel to the fire.

Shows about housewives tend to be centered on some sort of drama, and from the episodes that I have seen “The Sisterhood” is no different. Instead of giving a good impression of the Christian lifestyle, the show satirizes it and kind of makes it into a joke.

In conclusion, ladies

What is so interesting about all of these stories is that they each display women with different roles in society. However, they still fall into the same mold that has plagued them for centuries. Beyonce is a millionaire, but she is still being depicted as a sex object on the cover of GQ. The character Olivia Pope is a powerful and authoritative woman on Scandal, butattheendofthedaysheisfictional, and The Sisterhood perpetuates the idea that women are catty and that they can’t be civilized with one another. It all just makes me wonder…will things ever change?

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