About Joshua Yu
I am currently a freshman at Georgia State University and the Associate Arts & Living Editor for The Signal. I'm majoring in journalism with a concentration in print and minoring in art. I enjoy taking photographs along with playing the guitar. Upon graduating, I hope to work as a travel photojournalist.
Arts & Living

Defeat stress before it defeats you

March 29, 2013 Joshua Yu 0

Your bank account just over drafted, three exams are coming up this week and there is a parking ticket on the windshield. Pulling your hair is not the way to alleviate stress. As a student, […]

Arts & Living

Education is the key

February 19, 2013 Joshua Yu 0

Atlanta is not the expansive and sprawling metropolis of New York City or Los Angeles, but the city permeates a strong identity of black culture. Some, like Professor Mary Rolinson of Georgia State’s history department, said Atlanta is a central point for black […]

Arts & Living

The Science of love

February 12, 2013 Joshua Yu 0

While there is no one definitive answer that explains what makes humans attracted to one another, there are a few explanations that may shed some light on what we believe is uncontrollable. Dr. Aras Petrulis […]

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